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$10 buys a replacement lightsaber for little Jedi in New York or New Jersey who were attacked by the evil Darth Sandy.

EPISODE VII: Return of the Return of the Jedi or A New, New Hope.  The fledgling Jedi Order based on the east coast of the United States on the planet Earth has suffered mightily at the hands of the evil Darth Sandy. Countless young Jedi remain unarmed nearly a month after losing their lightsabers in the attack on their homes. As Life Day (or Christmas/Hanukkah as it is referred to on Earth) approaches, those of us in the New Republic have an opportunity to arm the brave Jedi (defenders of peace and justice in the galaxy for thousands of years) in their darkest hour. For only 10 republic credits ($10.00 USD to New York and New Jersey "Toys for Tots"), you can show your support by arming a young Jedi in time for the holidays. For every $50.00 donated (or 5 lightsabers), Obi Ryan Millernobi, will face his mortal enemy, "The Star Wars Holiday Special" in viewing combat from start to finish. Few have seen "The Star Wars Holiday Special" in its entirety and even fewer have survived. For those of you on the "light side", this is your chance to restore order to the Force for young Jedi in time for the holidays. For those on the "Dark Side" this is your opportunity to crush Obi Ryan Millernobi once and for all. The easiest option is to click on the "wishlist" icon which takes you to  You can purchase the lightsaber there or simply make a donation.

Donate or donate not.  There is no try. ~Yoda

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