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On May 25, 2012 Mikey Asevedo lost his battle with leukemia, .To see his story go to:

Michael Asevedo

In 2007, Michael was a happy-go-lucky 15 year old excited to not only be starting high school, but he was able to start his freshman year off playing on his school’s football team. Football is his passion and Michael couldn’t have been happier! He was a “beast” as his teammates would say. He played linebacker and was amazing on the field, truly talented!! Fast forward a few months into the school year. For two days in December, Michael started complaining of a really bad headache. It was so bad his mother, Patty, decided it was best to take him to the emergency room at St. Joseph‘s. They ran some tests to figure out what could be causing him to hurt so much. His blood work came back and the doctors said his white blood cell count was dangerously low and they rushed him to the University of Michigan, where more blood work was done. It was at The University of Michigan on December 16, 2007, where he was finally diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, also known as ALL.

After a bone marrow transplant and several rounds of chemo and radiation, the family though they were finally in the clear. Things were starting to look up and Michael welcomed his son into the world, things could not be better.
Michael’s back began to hurt and on September 13, 2011, Michael went in for a routine checkup from his bone marrow transplant. The doctors then told him that the cancer had come back and it had also spread to his kidneys and liver along with his bone marrow and that had been the cause for his back pain. He had relapsed for the last time. His platelets had gone down to 19 when a normal, healthy person would have a count of 150. He was admitted immediately and was given platelets again, but they still continued to drop. Michael’s doctor met with him and his family the next day and suggested that he undergo intense chemotherapy. This meant Michael would be given 4 rounds of chemotherapy a month but only short term. If the chemotherapy doesn’t work, there was nothing else they can do at this point. His body was rejecting everything.

Michael is trying to be optimistic but he was tired. He’s fought this disease for five long, hard years and is trying to end it once and for all. All he wants is the opportunity to watch his son grow up and be in his life. Michael was talking with his family and giving up was not an option. In Michael’s words, “ God has chosen how I will leave this earth, and I guess I’m okay with that. But all I ask is that He just waits. Let me watch my son grow up, that’s all I want, please wait.”

Michael Asevedo was a proud father of his one year old son. Sadly Michael’s time with his son consisted of chemotherapy to fight Leukemia.

Sadly, Michael lost his battle to the disease on May 25, 2012.
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