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Help me receive the gift of Life. Thank you and God bless!

Hi my name is Sandra and my sister Laura is a kidney recipient were helping our friend Jorge Mariscal to raise funds for his transplant.
Here is his story:
I was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure (Kidney Failure) back in June of 2005. I was finishing up my Junior year of high school, I was only 16 years old. Fatigue, rapid weight loss, and loss of appetite are some of the few symptoms that landed me in the hospital. There I was told that my blood was heavily filled with toxins, usually these toxins are removed by healthy kidneys. Since mine were failing, with all the toxic build-up brought many symptoms.

I was immediately emitted to Cook County Hospital, no one should have to spend there birthday in a hospital but unfortunately I did, on June 14 of 2005 I turned 17 years old in Cook County. Doctors and nurses worked to stabilize me. I felt so helpless and just gave up on life, because I thought I would for sure die here, and only being 17 years old, it was really hard for me. But thanks to God, family and friends, I was able to move on and stay positive. Hope did come for me, doctors told me that I could keep on living a semi-normal life with dialysis treatments, but that I need a Kidney to live a LONGER NORMAL life.

I was transferred to Loyola University Health System hospital in Maywood, IL. There I underwent surgery for a Peritoneal Catheter placement. Through this tube placed in my abdomen, I was able to do Peritoneal Dialysis treatments at home. Before bed, I would hook myself up to a machine, and it would clean my blood for ten hours. This allowed me to attend and graduate from school during the day in my Senior year of high school. I was on peritoneal dialysis for about 3 years, I am currently no longer on Peritoneal Dialysis.

My kidney specialist over at Loyola Hospital decided that it was time for me to switch over to another type of dialysis, called Hemodialysis. I no longer have a catheter in my abdomen, I now use an AV fistula, which is a minor surgery they do on the vein in my upper left arm in order for it to grow larger. This type of dialysis gives me more flexibility in time, instead of doing treatments every day, I only do treatments three times a week.

In total, I have been on dialysis treatments for about 6 years now. I feel it is time for me to take the next step in securing a long healthy life for me. Apart from all the surgeries I've had and set backs I've had from my medical condition, I am still positive that one day my dream of getting a successful transplant will come. I am only asking you to help me reach that dream.

I am now 23 years old and I am currently attending Triton College where I plan on majoring in Visual Communication (graphic design).

In the near future, I hope to achieve all of this with a new kidney, but kidney transplants are very expensive. Unfortunately, my medical card does not cover transplants or medications, it only covers my dialysis treatments. My parents pay for my medication at the moment, but are no where near the amount for a transplant. That is why I am begging anyone and everyone to please help me raise funds for a kidney transplant. I want to be able to live a longer, fulfilling, normal life. I want to be able to work, which is impossible for me to have a job at the moment.

Here you will find announcements on events that will be held to raise money for my kidney transplant. I hope you can find it in your heart to attend some events and if not, that is okay too. A donation of any amount that you would like will be tremendous help!
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