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Maddie is going through an extremely rough time.

Her owners took Maddie to the Vet to find she has diabetes mellitus, which has caused her to lose her vision and the Vet say that her muscle tissue is breaking down. In order for Maddie to get the help she needs, her owners need to pay the animal clinic $500.00. This may not seem like a huge expense, however, the owners have a Labrador Retriever that went through a dramatic time four years ago. He was hit by a car and ended up going to Virginia–Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, where he under went multiple surgeries and staying at the hospital for weeks. The total cost was over $14,000. This has put the family in a bind for some time now, but they didn't think twice when they knew they could save an animals life. Any support is greatly appreciated. This family loves all of God's creatures, no matter what. Thank you!
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