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Family and friends of Kaitlin Zangle (as well as good Samaritans) are raising money to pay for her extensive out of pocket medical expenses

Kaitlin Zangle Medical Expenses Fund

On October 14, Kaitlin Zangle, a vibrant 25 year old woman, was bicycling home when she was hit by a drunk driver in the middle of an intersection. The driver sped through a red light at a high speed and hit Kaitlin while she was in the crosswalk. Kaitlin was struck with considerable force on her left side and was thrown from her bicycle to the ground. The left side of her body sustained traumatic injuries including broken and shattered bones, from ankle to ribs to shoulder to her face. She suffered bruises to her heart, liver and lung and a broken right leg.

The drunk driver, a 35 year old repeat offender, is currently in jail and unable to meet bail. It is unknown whether he has automobile insurance of any kind.

Kaitlin was admitted to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Denver Health a level one trauma facility. Doctors were able to perform five surgeries that are integral to her recovery. Over the next several months additional surgeries will be necessary to repair torn ligaments and to address both new injuries that present themselves and existing issues from the original injuries and related procedures. Her parents, best friend, boyfriend, and other family have gathered at Denver Health to be with her and can see the slight but encouraging progress she has made since she was admitted.

As the first 10 days in the hospital comes to a close, the reality of the long road to recovery has started to emerge. It will be at least one year and possibly longer until Kaitlin can resume a normal life.

• Kaitlin will remain in the Surgical Intensive Care unit at Denver Health for another week or more. Once she has sufficiently stabilized, she will go to an acute long term care facility.
• When future surgeries are scheduled, she will be admitted to Denver Health, and upon release will return to the acute long term care facility.
• After all the necessary surgeries are complete and Kaitlin is able to bear some weight in her legs and apply resistance with her arms, she will be admitted to a rehabilitation hospital. While there she will begin a long period of physical therapy.
• Once she is able, she will go home and continue her physical therapy on an outpatient basis.

The cruel reality is that at some point Kaitlin will no longer have the workplace medical insurance that she currently enjoys. She will have a period of medical leave where she can contribute her portion of the premium. Once her medical leave expires there may be some opportunity to remain with the same insurance provider through COBRA, a federal program that allows for workplace medical insurance continuation.

Under COBRA she will be responsible for the total insurance premium. Once the COBRA period is over, she will likely have to go under Medicaid. Even with that coverage, there will be considerable and expensive areas of non-coverage as well as significant out of pocket expenses. And of course, she will not be able to work for an extended period of time.
You can make a difference – a major difference – in Kaitlin’s life.

• Kaitlin’s friends and family are starting a medical expenses fund to ensure that she has uninterrupted access to the medical services she needs during her recovery period. Any contribution that you can make is greatly appreciated and will make a difference.
• Most medical assistance funds reach their goal through a lot of small contributions.
• Get the word out through your network – including through your Facebook page. Looking at other catastrophic medical fund pages, it is clear that numerous contributions are made by good Samaritans who want to help.
• If you live in the Denver area – it is a little early – but at some point assistance with transportation, help on the home front, and visits with Kaitlin will be appreciated.
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