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Will's mom's medical bills page. Any funds would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

Ive been a girl who has been very unlucky in love, always dating selfish men who dont know the meaning of the word love until i met Will. Will has been my rock, an amazing man who is the furthest thing from selfish, he puts me first to the point where he finds himself on a friday night watching beauty and the beast on my couch because thats what i want to do. Im creating this page for Wills mom, she is sick and below is a description of her condition so i created this page to help out Will and his family. I want the the money to go to his moms medical bills. His parents are pastors and own a church and do so much for others, i want the chance to do this for them because i love will so much and his family is basically like my family. All im asking is for a little help, i was embarrassed to even create this page until my friend told me that you never get help unless you ask for it. Even if its just $5 every penny counts, Im hoping I can get the money to raise for Will's mom so i can help him and show him support because let me tell you, the support and love he has shown me has been unimaginable. Will gives me his last dime anytime i need it and i want to help him. Will works hard nonstop to help pay for his medical bills and will continue doing so, I’m doing this not to raise all this money and get his family out of debt, because I believe that the money will take care of itself in the end, but to give him faith and hope back. To show him people still do care about his family and that theyre not fighting this alone. To show them that a list of complete strangers love and support him during this trying time.Thank you for your love and support.

Here is the story of Wills mom:

Wills mom Suzanne was diagnosed with Diverticulitis a few years ago - small, bulging sacs or pouches of the inner lining of the intestine (diverticulosis) that become inflamed or infected. She has seen rapid weight loss in the last few years. This prevents her from eating certain foods and if any on the days she experiences symptoms of another attack. If she eats the wrong food on the wrong day it’s a guaranteed 3 days stay in the hospital if she has an infection. Last year she was diagnosed with Osteoporosis - the thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density. With her case being very severe on top of ruptured discs in her back she has been extremely limited to her normal daily physical activities. After many visits and phone calls between doctors and insurances companies Suzanne finally was able to get her forteo injections that she has to take every night covered by her health insurance. Forteo has been the only thing she is able to take for her Osteoporosis because of the other medications she is on and that doesn’t affect her stomach. She was unable at first to pay for more than a couple months because paying out of pocket for these cost $1,060 / month. With her insurance being almost maxed out she has acquired over $8,000 in medical bills with the last 4 years between the bone doctors, stomach doctors, and neurologists. She has to do traction on her back and neck twice a day just to keep the discs that are ruptured steady and in place because the back sugary that she could use is not in the cards financially right now for her. She also has to do is lay for 15 min /day on a hard flat surface just to get through the day with less pain that she wakes up to every morning. Because of her limits and not even being able to pick up a gallon of milk and place it on the counter and the risk of falling that could break almost every bone in her body she finds it unable to do a lot to help with the work that Roger (husband) does full-time for the community and the people around them.

Roger and Suzanne Shepherd have been involved in ministry with their church that they founded in 2001. Since then it has grown in their small community town in South Dakota. In the last 10 years they have worked hard, served the town, and built an excellent rapport within their community and the surrounding towns. Roger gives a lot of time working with the prison system as one of the main called upon chaplains. This is important to him because Roger served in the military and worked in law enforcement for 9 years before becoming a clergy. Roger and Suzanne were both called when a local high school student committed suicide – spending days counseling with the other youth and the student’s family. Roger and Suzanne are also asked to speak and counsel at schools and churches sometime up to 100 miles away from their home – all in which they volunteer their time to do. Suzanne devotes to 3 assisted living homes and driving 30 miles one way to the nearest hospital to see patients/families from the community they live in. She also conducts and arranges lesson plans for their churches Sunday Kids School every week or when able to because of her health. Suzanne never complains and always has a smile. If you didn’t know her personal life and dismissed the slow body movement and over-careful steps she makes to walk you would never know. She has given so much and never asks for anything in return. Her favorite kind of love is the unconditional kind and her condition is never more than she can bare. She has supported and been with her husband for over 35 years – being the mother that quit her job of 11 years working as a RN to be at home with her kids because she thought that being a mom was more important than molding a career.
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