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Fathers rights are integral in todays society and a vital part of any child's development.

Recently in a dependency hearing for contempt my attorney charged the state with fraud. I am going on 2 years without being able to see my daughter. This has gone on completely ignored by the local 18th judicial circuit here in brevard county florida. I am hoping to proceed with all of my documented procedural history and file a civil claim that perhaps will lead to criminal charges which will pave the way for a possible bill sponsorship by senator or congressman ( Hera's Law ). I don't get into the particulars of my case because a minor is involved but i hope that one day soon my daughters mother realizing the bias that has been placed in her favor will join me in this civil claim providing her testimony as a deposition of facts that will cement this claim against the state and Dcf for their criminal act at the expense of my daughters relationship with me as her father. Thus helping many other children and good fathers alike. Lets get this issue in the spotlight!


I am stream lining our complaint and civil rights efforts with fund and petition projects here are the official links :"heras-law"/ 

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