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Calling all animal lovers, family and friends to help us with Thumpers medical expenses

A pet may come to symbolize many things to each of us. They may represent a child, perhaps a child yet to be conceived or the innocent child in us all. They may reflect the ideal mate or parent, forever faithful, patient and welcoming and loving us unconditionally. They are a playmate to some or a sibling they never had. When the relationship and bond between you and your pet is as valuable as those you have with family or friends, the process of care is no different than that of a child. When our pets gets sick we instinctively react and do all we can to ensure the health and survival of them no matter the cost.

In Nov of 2010 our beloved family pet Bear became ill and started showing neurological complications and after extensive exams without any answers, we had no other choice but to set him free from his pain in January of 2011. For some of us the grieving process for them is no less than the death of a relative. Almost a year has past now and we felt it was time to finish the healing process by getting a puppy.

After searching around we came across a 10wk old puppy with a distinct black heart shaped marking on the tip of his nose and we felt it was a sign that he's the one and we welcomed him into our home, 5 days later he be come ill and was diagnosed with the Parvo Virus and needed treatment right away, we had no other option but to apply for care credit and get him treated. For most dogs a day or two in the hospital followed by home treatment does the trick, but for this little guy it wasn't enough. He needed to remain hospitalized at the Docotors pet clinic and has spent 10 days in the hospital now and we reached our financial credit limit. On the 5th day of treatment we prayed for help and received a little.

We were lucky enough to have a few people from the Doctors pet clinic (951) 698-7387and Robin from Miracle rescues whom stepped in to help to continue his hospital treatment and he is making a slow but active recovery. We are still in need of donations to help cover his continuing medical expenses so we are reaching out once again to our friends and family. If you can help by donating 1 dollar or 10 dollars your help will be greatly appreciated. Update 12/1/11 Thumper has been release to go home with home treatment, we are hoping this is a good sign but the Doctors have send him before and we had to return the next day.
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