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Loved ones of Filip Coppens are "creating miracles" in this time of great sadness. Join the miracle!

Let us tell you a story about an amazing couple, two true beloveds who were just married on the Feast Day of Mary Madgalene, July 22nd, 2012.

Filip (or Philip) Coppens was an author and investigative journalist, ranging from the world of politics to ancient history and mystery. He co-hosted The Spirit Revolution radio show with his wife, Kathleen McGowan, and was a frequent contributor to NEXUS Magazine and Atlantis Rising Magazine. Since 1995, he had lectured extensively and had appeared in a number of television and DVD documentaries, including Ancient Aliens: The Series (The History Channel).

Kathleen's dynamic publishing career began with the debut of her novel, The Expected One, and continued with other equally bestselling works such as The Book of Love, The Poet Prince, The Source of Miracles, and her newest work, The Ballad of Tam Lin. This amazing couple had blended their many talents and generously shared their wisdom of sacred places around the world through a tour company that they created in 2011. Filip and Kathleen, through their actions and example, had shown many the miracle and power of pure love. They have changed the lives of thousands of spiritually minded souls through their various works and activities. People around the globe consider themselves part of a large and loving Spirit Family because of the beautiful union of this couple. Anyone who knew them can attest to how generous Filip and Kathleen were with their time, their knowledge, and their love.


It is with a very heavy heart that we inform you that earlier today (December 30th, 2012), after a difficult weekend and emergency surgeries, Filip (Philip) Coppens passed away. Suffering from a sudden and unexplainable illness, Filip was just hospitalized a few weeks ago and had been just recently diagnosed with a rare cancer called angiosarcoma, which attacks the inner lining of blood vessels. While the causes still remain unknown, the results are usually fast-growing and highly aggressive tumors. Because of the tendency to reoccur near the original site, surgery is the primary treatment, with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy both before and after. So much is still unknown about this rare disease, accounting for only 0.1% of adult malignancies. Filip and his family very bravely faced the numerous tests and specialists, especially during this holiday season. There were numerous surgeries performed and he underwent many traditional treatments. He remained hospitalized and the levels of pain varied from day to day. Their love and spiritual belief helped Filip and Kathleen through until now and it is with great sadness that we share the news of his passing.

Filip’s beloved and wife, Kathleen McGowan, posted this message on her page:

My eternal beloved, my grail knight, my poet prince has made his transition. He is in the arms of the angels. In his last words he asked that I thank you all for loving him so much. We were both so greatly blessed. Good night, sweet prince. My love for you knows no boundaries and no time.

 We know that Filip was profoundly grateful for the love and support that you all had shown him, both through the messages on this page and the generous donations. The outpouring of prayers well wishes sent through emails, phone, cards, and online were amazing to see.

We wanted to let you know that the funds raised, originally earmarked for treatment and hospital bills, will also be used for the burial costs, the combined total of which is staggering.We will continue this effect for that purpose. Any contribution, no matter how large or small, will make a difference. We also ask for your help in spreading the message.

While the original hope of healing was not possible for Filip, your outpouring of love was a miracle in and of itself, allowing him to see just how many lives he had touched and how much we all prayed for him. Kathleen now must continue on and we know that the messages have meant just as much to her. We can only hope that the positive energy and funds raised will be able to help in some small way during this time of sadness.

Please feel free to post messages of love and sympathy in the "Hugs" section of the fundraising page- we know it will mean a lot to Filip's friends and family to read them, bringing a little light in this dark hour.


From the bottom of our hearts and souls, we thank you! And if you were not already a part of it, we welcome you to the family!

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