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Now Devikrupa Corporation diversifies in electricity free and maintenances free water filter & Trunkey solution for sanitation. In search of quality suppliers and manufacturers, we are proud to have zeroed in on M/s.

Watsan Envirotech Private Limited, and are their authorized distributors and representatives. They have great track record of supplying Terafil Filters to many needy, mostly from Governmental Institutions, and those who have developed for the first time in the world, solutions based on the type of contamination and problem of water in specific geographical region. They have developed arsenic removal filter without electricity for the first time in the world which has been deployed in larger sizes and volumes across Bihar and West Bengal.

They would be soon introducing Fluoride removal systems to be deployed in Rajasthan, Karnataka and few regions of Tamilnadu where the common public is affected by Fluorosis, a bone and teeth depleting water borne disease.

97 million people in India do not have access to safe drinking water. 72 per cent of India’s water supply is seriously polluted with sewage effluents (largely due to open defecation practiced across the country) and in 30% of India’s 600 districts, even groundwater is considered unfit for consumption. Not surprisingly, 37.7 million people (75% of whom are children) are affected by water borne diseases. As per a recent Lancet study, one lakh children die annually in India due to diarrhea alone. The need for safe drinking water has never been more urgent.

While the Government of India has been working on this challenge and has increased access to drinking water across urban and rural India (data from the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation shows 70% of rural households have access to tap water), quality of water has so far not been a focus and more than 27 million households in India drink untreated water. Available water filters which can treat the chemical contamination and remove the micro-organisms are usually expensive and not easily accessible by the BoP.

Terafil is a low-cost water filter made of natural materials invented by The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research - CSIR (IMMT) Bhubaneswar, supported by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Terafil water filters do not need electricity to function, is affordable and free of maintenance. This makes the cost of purification extremely low cost per tonne of water! Affordable and natural, it is highly suited for the poorest districts of India which often do not have access to continuous electricity.

Our principal have few Patents and National Awards to our credit, and were one of the few hottest entrepreneurial social venture selected by Business Week, finalists in Asia Social Challenge of DBS-NUS, Singapore, finalists in Power of Ideas of Economic Times and CIIE, IIM-Ahmedabad, Finalists in Tata Social Challenge whose results are yet to be announced. Our principal got the award from Force Park institution for innovation of rural public in the memory of Prof.C.K.Prahlad.

We shall be obliged to give presentation of these projects to your kind selves so that required projects can be implemented to establish in your State for good and welfare of entire community. We enclosed our catalogues for your ready reference in your coming projects as per your convenience.

Thanking you and assuring you of our best attention.

Kamal Raval
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