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"Rally for Ringo" is a site created to raise money for surgery needed to keep this special little dog alive. Can you help?

I have in my possession an adorable Chihuahua/ Terrier mix who is 11 lbs and approximately 8 years old. He is gentle -spirited, very smart and incredibly loving. This little guy appeared soaking wet on my doorstep. He arrived with no collar and no tags, but a great deal of personality. We took him in and fed him. It was then that we discovered a large "growth" on the back of his hindquarters. I took him to the vet yesterday and was informed that he has a "perirectal hernia." Without surgery, he will likely contract an infection and have to be put down. The initial estimate for the surgery was $1500, we have since had to redirect to a specialist in soft tissue and are being told that the cost will be between $2800 and $3200. "Ringo" has very little options. The local shelters are full and he does not fit the typical profile of an adoptable dog in his current condition. I am choosing to do everything I can to ensure that Ringo does have a future and I need a little help from my friends to make this happen. I am committed to fostering him throughout the surgery and rehabilitation period. We will nurse him back to a point where we can locate a loving home and a second chance for happiness. I know there are so many animals in the world who need help. And, perhaps Ringo may appear to be just another one of “those dogs”. But over the course of the last several days, we have discovered a very special dog who deserves to be treated as special. I need your help so that I can fund the surgery needed to keep this dog alive. Any donations are appreciated. If you cannot join in the cause, I would greatly appreciate your good wishes and willingness to share this request. I need this campaign to go Viral… "A dog represents all that is best in man." --Etienne Charlet

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