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The friends and family of Eric Leigh, Chachi, are uniting to raise money to help with him with medical expenses.

The friends and family of Eric Leigh, Chachi, are uniting to raise money to help with him with the medical expenses associated with his most recent ATV accident.

At the blink of an eye one’s life can change in an instant, and when tragedy occurs the moral and financial support we receive from friends and family is of most importance. In fact it helps us map the future direction of the rest of our life. Moral support helps us maintain and build confidence in ourselves and the path our life will follow, while the financial support aids us in overcoming an unexpected financial burden that most of us would have difficulty managing, even with a plan.

Eric Leigh, at a young age of 28, is like many people we know. He loves the outdoors, whether it be by land or sea, and is always out for an adventure. On Sunday, August 28th, 2011 his day started out like many others. Eric had a plan to spend the day 4 wheeling with the guys. Unfortunately the fun-filled day turned into tragedy. In an instant, Eric lost control of his 4 wheeler and suffered traumatic facial injuries.

An emergency response team, his friends, on the scene saved his life. Far from the nearest hospital and emergency service his friends knew they had to react quickly. They immediately assessed the situation, placed him on the back of another 4 wheeler, relocated him into a truck and immediately left for the hospital. In the interim they had called 911 and an ambulance was on the way. They met the ambulance about ½ ways to the hospital and transferred him into the rescue unit.

His injuries resulted in a 2.5 week stay in the hospital, facial reconstructive surgery as well as major surgery to his facial skull bones. Eric's skull has 17 facial fractures including major breaks to his chin, jaw, and cheek bones.

Chachi, Eric, faces yet another challenge in his life. His family, Alba, his wife, and his children, Connor, 6 months, and Pablo, 12, are in Costa Rica, and they are working very hard to follow the proper protocol in the United States to relocate his family to the states. Unfortunately, following the process the right way, takes time, and Skype was his only means of communication with his wife and children throughout this time. Can you imagine not being able to see your wife and children when trying to recover? Eric shared a conversation he had with Alba via Skype and she said “I don’t care what your face looks like, I love you anyway!” On a positive note, technology gave them a means to communicate!

If I were to site a quote that described Eric it would be “Attitude is Everything.” I think only one day out of 21, did we see Eric really down. He consistently shared with all of us how lucky he was to be alive! He always thanked the nurses, doctors, staff, friends, and family who tried to comfort him. I recall a conversation with him in the hospital when he described every moment of the accident as he could clearly recall when happened, and it really hit home when he said “Do you remember in the movies when people are dying and their lives flash in front of their face?” He said “All I could see was Alba, Connor, and Pablo’s as I flew through the air.” “I am lucky to be alive and thankful for the people I have in my life who care so much.”

We don’t know what the total expenses will be for a complete recovery for Eric, however, we wanted to start a fundraising program to alleviate stress for Eric and Alba so they can focus all of their energy and strength on a quick recovery and reuniting their family

Monies donated will be used to pay for medical expenses associated with Eric’s accident. Please keep Eric and his family in your prayers.
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