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After a battle with an autoimmune disease that almost killed me, I learned that a couple of the meds I was on to fight the illness, had long term consequences.

Especially prednisone, which along with nutritional deficiency, has destroyed my teeth. I was quoted 12,000 dollars to fix everything a year ago. I sold my car, I try to work when I can but recently lost my job because of an ongoing complication from the surgeries I had for my IBD. I was told six months ago most of my teeth were salvageable, but a more recent appointment showed that things are progressing quickly and I've lost three molars now because I couldn't afford to fix them.

Because of my chronic disease and the surgeries I had, I no longer have a colon so my diet is limited and not chewing carefully can land me in the hospital. I fought so hard against my IBD and hoped by now I'd be living a normal life. Losing my teeth is devastating and I want to save them before dentures become my only option. I am only twenty - eight. Please help, any little bit is more important than I can express. ❤
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