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Please help us raise funds to cover the funeral and burial expenses for our little angel.

Bryan was called to heaven the day after Christmas unexpectedly. He was only fifteen years old, and he was his Mommy's whole world.

Bryan was born with a genetic disorder-- an unbalanced translocation of chromosomes-- which went undiagnosed for years because the technology to diagnose it hadn't been invented yet. Instead, Bryan's various medical issues were diagnosed independently: microcephaly, a cardiac defect called VSD, seizure disorder and cortical vision impairment. He was unable to swallow, since it was discovered-- through various hospitalizations for pneumonia-- that he aspirated solids and liquids. He was given surgery to place a g-tube. Later, he would have orthopedic concerns such as scoliosis and hip displacement, also requiring surgery. He needed special seating and wheelchairs for mobility, as well as special braces (called MAFOs) for his legs.

As each element of his disorder was discovered, Bryan faced the various procedures and tests brave of heart and full of spirit. His smile warmed everyone's heart and his laughter was contagious. He became well-known with his nurses and teachers for being a big flirt!

As Bryan grew big and strong, he "outgrew" some of his afflictions: his seizures stopped, he no longer needed cardiac medications and he was very engaged in the world around him in every way. We went everywhere together! He loved the ocean and the beach, the Phillies, the Eagles and the Flyers. He was his Mommy's jogging partner, coaching her on to reach 5k and pushing her every step of the way to go FASTER! He visited various state parks with his big sister, Zoe, and his dog, Penguin, and loved hanging out with all of his brothers and sisters.

Christmas 2012 with Bryan was a blessed event, as always, although we had no idea it would be our last. We had a hard time getting him to sleep for Santa that Christmas Eve, but finally he did, and we all got up nice and early to open gifts and spend time together. Although Bryan woke up with a cold, it was a wonderful day, full of laughter, fun and love. The festivities were to continue the next day, at our annual combined family holiday party.

Bryan woke up with a fever, however. We gave him some medicine and he seemed to feel better, so we got him dressed and headed to Grandmom and Pop-pop Apt's house. Once there, Mommy wanted to make him comfortable, change him and give him lunch after a long ride in the car. Larry took his temperature and saw that he had a fever, and went to get him some medicine. After Bryan was changed, he began to have a seizure... but not like when he was a toddler, 1-2 minutes. Instead, this seizure went on and on. After a few minutes, 911 was called and Bryan was taken by ambulance to Abington Memorial Hospital, seizing all the way. He didn't respond to the meds given to him in the ambulance, and a whole team of nurses and doctors began working on him immediately. He didn't stop seizing after the IVs were placed nor after the additional seizure medication was given. Unfortunately, the amount of medicine required to stop his seizures ultimately stopped his heart.

While we are still stunned over exactly what happened, we have to-- albeit with broken hearts-- send our angel off to heaven. We are completely unprepared for this, emotionally and financially. We humbly thank you with hearts full of love and gratitude for any contribution you make in Bryan's memory.
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