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Kallie & Philip Rand need help repairing their house flooded by the St. Vrain River in the Longmont, Colorado 1,000 year flood.

Philip & Kallie are the perfect couple nurturing and loving. They met in college, were married in August of 2012, and bought their house in January, 2013. Kallie is a full time grad student at Colorado State University and Philip works for the water district in Aurora. They loved the idea of owning a 100+ year old house, with its quirky textured wall paper and old wooden floors.

Last week, their charming house flooded with 3 feet of St. Vrain muddy river water. They did not have flood insurance because their house is not located in the flood plain. The house sat in muddy water for two days before the river receded. They lost all their belongings on Bowen Street due to the 1,000 year flood in Longmont.

Because they did not have a land phone line, they had to be told by a neighbor about the reverse 911 call warning residents of an emergency mandatory evacuation. They didn't think they would be flooded, but decided to error on the side of caution and packed up their pets, Duncan, their dog, and Cooper and Madeleine, their two cats, threw a change of clothes in a backpack and left. While the neighbors had been warned at 3 a.m., Kallie and Phil only had 10 minutes to pack and leave.

They lost everything in the flood; furnace, appliances, furniture and personal belongings. They were in shock, 2 days later, when the flood waters receded and they were able to get to their house. Friends and family came together and all their contaminated, muddy and wet belongings were thrown out. Mud had to be scraped out of the house. They actually had dead fish and earth worms in their living room. The walls had to all be cut out half-way up and hauled out. Mud had to be scrapped out of the wall joists. Now their house lies empty with fans and space heaters on to dry the floors and wall boards. There is a constant fear of bacteria and mold.

The newlyweds are living separately now because of their jobs. Kallie is living at her college advisor's home in Fort Collins, and Philip is living with family in Golden. They need to repair the house to a state where they can at least live together again. They are thinking of temporarily turning the kitchen into a studio apartment where they can sleep on a blow-up mattress on the floor.

The beautiful part of this story is the Bowen Street neighbors that were not flooded came out in forces to help Kallie and Philip. They mucked and squeegeed mud and water out of the house, tore our wallboard, dug mud out of the tight crawlspace, and tore down a molding shed. Lunch and Dinner were provided daily by Longmont neighbors during that horrid first week. Neighbors that would merely wave in the past are now great friends. It was encouraging to see how much everyone cared about Kallie and Philps plight.

Philip and Kallie could really use your help to start over. They need to make some immediate purchases before the Colorado winter sets in: basically a new furnace, wallboard and insulation, wall trim and flooring. Not to mention the many items that you have to replace in this type of situation like a bed, shoes, and clothes that could not be saved, basic things like hair brushes, tooth brushes, shampoo the list goes on and on. They are not asking for help with the purchases of things like living room furniture that would be a luxury at this point. They are hoping to simply put their house back together. Please help.

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