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The family & friends of Molly Pena Laredo uniting to raise money to help her battle against cancer. Medical cost and expenses.

  Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Ps. 119:105   As I sit in front of the computer wondering why God has given me this scripture tonight. Well, you see I felt moved to write some words about the experience I am having with my sister Molly, who has been diagnosed with cancer, called squamous cell carcinomas (oral cancer of the mouth). Imagine finding out that you have a cancerous tumor in your tongue. Yes, it is bad!! That is what I felt when I went with my sister to the doctor’s office to find out about her biopsy. She sat there shaking in fear and asking ,”What am I going to do?” Holding her hands so tight and not wanting to show that she was afraid. I just kept thinking “Is this really happening?” She asked the doctor, “How did I get this?” The doctor said, “He was not sure.” He told her it was an aggressive cancer and she had to go to her regular MD to set up a plan for treatment. She looked at me in despair holdingback her tears, and I gave her a hug, hoping she would not sense my fear too. Why God? I asked. Why her? This is the beginning of my sister’s battle with cancer.   Well, cancer and no insurance is a hard situation to be in. Tony was waiting in the car for us. As we return to the car, Molly softly, tells Tony, I have cancer!! What am I going to do!! There was a moment of silence as we all recollected our thoughts. Tony tries to reassure Molly by telling her that we will pray that God will direct you in the way you should go. From that day forward my sister entered the battlefield of cancer. She was ready to fight and not let it beat her. As we traveled home there were many questions going through her mind. I remember that she was concerned about how she was going to tell her children. She was so worried about her son, Emilio. How would he be able to handle it? She was going to need him to be strong. Sandy, on the other hand, she thought would be easier to tell but she knew it wouldn’t be easy. “Molly, God will give you the words to tell them. They will both be strong to receive your words and they will be by your side. Our whole family will be here for you.” I recall saying. The weekend past and Monday came and Molly right away called the Martin Luther King Clinic where she received medical help for her lupus. She set up an appointment with her doctor there. I decided to go with her to that appointment also. I thank God for allowing me to be off during the summer so I could help my sister through this difficult time. The doctor read her results from the oral surgeon and set up a plan to begin treatment. They set her up with a ENT doctor, Dr. Icre, from Ben Taub. Her appointment with this doctor was the beginning of a very dreadful experience in Ben Taub Hospital.   It took 2 weeks before Molly received a call from the ENT to set up her surgery. The ENT set Molly up for September 10, to have surgery to remove her tumor.Well, as she waited for this date to arrive her cancer was becoming very aggressive and many complications arose. By this time her son Emilio had left everything in Austin, Texas to come and be with his mom. She chose him to be by her side as she fought the fight. He was to be one of her warriors in the battle. At this time of her life Molly, had been separated from her husband for almost 3 years. Therefore, she had to depend on her son to help her through this battle. Sandy was there also as one of her warriors during this battle. One thing I may say about my niece is she is a strong prayer warrior. In a war every warrior has a task to carry out so that the battle may be won. Every person in Molly’s life is a warrior fighting this battle with her. I strongly feel that every one of Molly’s sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends were chosen to be a warrior with Molly as she fights the good fight against cancer. It is amazing how God gives each and every one of us a task to carry out during the battle. We must be prepared and ready to fight!! So I encourage you all not to stop fighting the battle because Molly hasn’t!! We are in the army of God fighting with Molly through prayer, encouraging words, posters, cards, financial gifts, and spending time with her.   1 Timothy 6:12 12 Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses. Sometimes, if we are to succeed and win victory, the Lord has to be the One to fight the battle. This is the way it must be to win the victory over sins. Only through what God has done can we win the victory. We cannot redeem ourselves from our sins. We have no price we can offer. That battle must be the Lord's! There are many examples of this principle throughout the pages of Scripture. Read this amazing story: 2 Chronicles 20: 1-29   The Lord responded through His prophet, Jahaziel. "...and he said, "Listen, all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem and King Jehoshaphat: thus says the LORD to you, "Do not fear or be dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours but God's." (2 Chronicles 20:15). How awesome is that!!!! Let us continue to join Molly in this battle as God uses each and every one of us during this time. God’s word will be Molly’s lamp unto Molly’s feet and a light unto Molly’s path and He will be her deliverer!!   Orfa 10/04/2012  
Well Aunt Molly Laredo truely has had a rough day---she looked defeated today--Cancer,an infection in her mouth(where the cancer is) and now Pneumonia and on top of that has been running a high fever. WHY GOD---I ask,I cry. Will she ever catch a break?--I think after today of being with her all day Im emotionally drained-seeing her in the condition shes in. My heart just hurts for her so badly. We...
were given some not so good news just a while ago---I will still continue to have FAITH though because I know our God is the ulitimate Dr of all Dr's. We will make her as comfortable as possible that we can.We are not giving up!!!!!---With God ALL things are POSSIBLE. Prayers please family and friends. For comfort,peace,and strength to fight this battle. Drs say she has a very "rare" condition--because not only are they dealing with cancer they are dealing with full force lupus she has which completely changes plans on how they can treat the cancer. I will just put my TRUST in GOD,he knows her time and his plan for her life. All we can do is pray hard---on her knees♥
We are all here giving our dear Molly support. She is struggling with the fever still but definitely has a lot of fight left in her. Doctor said they drained a lot of fluid out of her lungs; we need those to be clear to give the infection a chance of clearing up. Sylvi was able to connect with Esther over Skype in Molly's room and they blew each other kisses, prayed, and we all sang over Molly. Press in with prayer that God will drive out the pneumonia, infections, etc so that the doctors will be able to start treating the cancer - they can't start chemo or radiation until those things clear up. She loves when God is lifted up in song in her room. We pray that Jesus hold her in His lap and He will sing over her a song of healing and restoration!! Your prayers must continue let's fight in the spirit as she is fighting physically.            
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