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Friends of Gwen Lutge raising funds for her emergency mouth surgery. Please help us in any way you can - no matter how small!

A very dear friend is in a very tough spot. Her fiance and I have been trying to help her raise the money she desperately needs for an emergency surgery. She has been selling virtually everything she owns to raise the funds. But she needs help. Unlike many of us, Gwen has no family to turn to for support. She has been through an awful lot (we are happy to explain further if you contact us personally) in her life and has managed to make it to here. Gwen's friends are doing their best to contribute, but as everyone knows, times are really hard right now and we need some more help. That's where you come in :)

A bit more about what this is for - From Gwen:

"The surgery I urgently need involves getting a cyst removed and bone & tissue transplant in my upper palate (the roof of my mouth) by the end January, 2012. This is an emergency surgery with a time limit, I am uninsured, and do not qualify for any type of financial aide. The estimate I was given was $4245 and requires full payment before the operation can be scheduled. The consequences to my future health are severe if I am not able to have this operation before the end of January. It is frightening to be in this position and have such limited options. Any help you can give, no matter how small, I will be incredibly grateful for. Thank you!"

Gwen is having a hard time with this. It's a lonely battle she has - her fiance is also located overseas, so her support network consists entirely of her friends.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide. It means the world and we are SO GRATEFUL!
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