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This is Spock's valvulopasty fund! We thank you for your support, and live long and prosper!

Our 10 month old dog, Spock, was a rescue and lives with us in Flagstaff, Arizona. He is a happy and playful puppy that with one procedure can have a happier longer life. He has become a member of our family and is very dear to us. After being home with us only a few weeks he was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition by a specialist in Phoenix, and without the balloon valvuloplasty procedure he will die. Please help us save our special boy! All donations will go directly to paying for his surgery! Thank you! Live long and prosper Spock!


I wanted to update this page more often, but the holiday season is always crazy. It's over now and I would like to thank those that donate and check this page to know that Spock is doing well. Each day he continues to "boldly go" as we like to say. He goes on new adventures around Flagstaff. He loves to hike and loves to be outdoors. On Christmas day was his first big adventure with out a leash! He had his two best friends Goliath (our other dog) and Zander (mother and step dad's dog) with him to help keep up the pack mentality. And just the other day was his first trip to downtown Flag. It was tough for him, but he was happy to be out and about.
Each day Spock continues to amaze us. With all the help we have received he will continue to "boldly go". I can't say enough about how this fundraiser has surpassed my expectations. Thank you everyone who has supported Spock's cause.
I promise there will be more updates on Spock. Thank you again.


We have scheduled Spock's surgery. It will be done on Feb 6th. We know the fundraiser goes passed this date, but we didn't want to wait any longer. The specialist was very clear about the consequences of waiting. We are hoping the strong contributions continue to help us offset the cost of his procedure. We have a credit card to cover the cost of the procedure so long as it doesn't go over the estimate we were given.
Quick side note for anyone who has animals. Care credit, who we got out card through, are pretty amazing. The deal we got with our card was such a blessing with no interest for almost two years! Since we have so many animals and one who is a search dog in training, we see it as a good investment.
Spock is still doing great. If you could meet him you would never know anything is wrong til you put your hand over his heart. You can feel his poor little heart working so hard. Making all sorts of sounds that shouldn't be there. His big brother Goliath continues to guide him in the ways doggy-ness and how to behave with out a leash and listen when called. He is still a pup and can be stubborn like one and shows it when he decides he is done with obedience for the day.
I want give a big thanks to Blackhat humane society for their continuing support of Spock. All of you have can't be given enough thanks.


Thank you all for your love and support for Spock. We are looking forward to getting his surgery done and over with so we can get this weight off our chests. To those who have checked this site regularly and those that just stop by thank you, but we have decided to close the fundraiser early since we have had some private donation that we have kept off the site. We have met Spock's goal! I have to give very special thanks to my Uncle Dave who donated a GINORMOUS amount to us recently! Thank you, Dave! Blackhat, you all have helped us out in more ways than I can imagine. From your donations, getting us in a newspaper and just wondering how Spock is doing. It means a lot that so many people care about a doggy that met a handful of times or maybe none at all. Thank you to everyone. I hope this page stays up once I close the fundraiser, but if it doesn't you can check blackhat's facebook page as I will give an update there to Spocky's surgery. Thanks again to everyone who has helped spread the word for us. We can never repay this debt.

Much love,

Hans, Hayley, Spock and Goliath
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