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If there is anyone out there that is able to donate.

Even a dollar i have been every where reaching out for help i am a mother of 6 and their father recently decided to up and leave us which at most that is devastating and heartbreaking but along with that came the power being shut off for non. Payment b/c instead of paying bills he dumped all his money INTO. His car and going out every night. I've tried my hardest to where I am now and still at that I'm getting knocked down I just am seeking any type of help I hate asking or even putting my businesses out there but I'm scared of loosing my babies I just don't know.... so please this month. I've used my government. Assistance. Money this month on paying my rent)not to loose)my home and to get a motel so I could have my babies in a place with power. The bill is outrageous and I have tried all local charities no luck.
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