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the family of joseph allen moneymaker sr are joining to raise money to help pay for his funeral. thanks for your support and god bless!

my father was a loving kind and generous man. he would do anything he could for another person even if it meant putting himself out. for most of my life he was a single father doing all he could to make sure me and my brother were taken care of. he had his first triple bypass heart surgery about 14 years ago when i was about 9 years old but his health really started going downhill about 7 years ago when he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and given six month to live. but only god knows when our time is really up and it was not his intentions for my dad to pass at that time. so years passed and my dad was still with us which was a blessing but at the same time his health was getting worse. we tried to get him life insurance but with all the health problems he had no one would give him coverage cause he was too high risk. this past year his health really started deteriorating and on as friday about 4 weeks ago he called 911 and was rushed to page memorial hospital and from there life flighted to uve medical center in charlottesville va. when i contacted uva they told me that he was on a ventilator, his mental status was delayed and he had a mild heart attack and they thought he had acute pancreatitis. while he was in uva they continued to run tests on him and confirmed that he did have acute pancreatitis and started treatment, when they did more tests they discovered that his pancreas was getting worse, he had phenomia in his lungs, his kidneys were shutting down, his liver was shutting down and they thought he had cancer on his liver but they couldnt check to be sure because he had already too much wrong with him. so they continued to treat him and do all they could to make him better. but nothing was working and he was getting worse. so they called me and my older brother and aske dus to come to the hospital thanksgiving day and make a choice of wether to keep him on the ventilator and keep trying to treat him or take him off the ventilator and give him comfort care and let him pass away peacefully. so after watching our father suffer and be in continuous pain we made the hardest decision of our lives. we decided to take him off the ventilator and let him go peacefully because we could not stand to watch him suffer another minute when we knew that no matter what they did there was no hope in him getting better. and he passed away about 8:23pm thanksgiving night, about an hour after we took him off the ventilator. and now that he has passed away we want to give him the funeral that he deserves so his loved ones can pay tribute and tell him goodbye one last time, however we dont have the money and the funeral homes want the whole 8,000 dollars upfront before they do anything. so please if anyone would donate something to give my dad a proper burrial we would be eternally grateful, any little bit would help. i prayed to god that he would bless us with the mopney and he led me to this website and i believe it is here that my prayers will be answered. i thank you all for your support and may god bless each and everyone of you.
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