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Flannigan required emergency surgery after ingesting the better part of a rug. This is her story:

Flannigan's Magic Carpet Ride
Interpreted by Flannigan:

Ever since my Mom adopted a used dog like me a couple years ago (I was four human years old then), I have had the greatest life in the entire world. I eat, I nap, I wag, I nuzzle, and did I mention I have the best Mom in the world?

The last couple months were ruff for my mom and even though I ate, I napped, I wagged and I nuzzled like normal, things were just not right. I tried not to bark too much or relieve myself in inconvenient places, but still things were off and I knew something had to be done.

I ate, I napped, I wagged, I nuzzled, but I just couldn't come up with a good plan. Then one day, while I was playing with my nephew, he told me about this show called Alpo or Aladdin or something, where the magic carpet fixes everything. After hearing that I was convinced that my Mom and I needed a magic carpet too.

All I needed to do now was find a magic carpet. So I ate, I napped, I wagged, I nuzzled, and I looked, but finding a magic carpet is no easy task. Things were getting worse for my mom and I knew I had to find the magic carpet fast. For days I ate, I napped, I wagged, I nuzzled and I looked.

I was losing hope and then one night my Mom put me in the kitchen with my cousin Kona. I ate and then when I started to lay down for a nap, I realized I had found the magic carpet, it was right in front of me, well under me actually. I asked Kona for some help, but he didn’t know how to start it, so I pawed at it. Then I licked the carpet and started to chew on it because I thought that might help…and it did! A string came out!

Even the string was magic! I licked and chewed and it seemed like the string was never ending! My Mom must have known I was up to something because she came into the kitchen and was instantly excited racing around and shouting. Before I knew it we were off!

The magic carpet ride was a little bumpy at first; I even got a little motion sick. We raced around here and there and stopped at the Vet’s office. Then we went home – that’s where the motion sickness got worse. I couldn't stop getting sick, but my Mom stayed by me the entire time.

After another long day, the magic carpet was still working, and I think my Mom was over it! So next we went to this place, my Mom was calling it an 'emergency room' or something, with all kinds of machines and lights. By that time I was really feeling motion sickness, I guess from the magic carpet; after that things got a little fuzzy and the next thing I remember was waking up and feeling better.

Now I’m at home with Mom and feeling great. I’m back to eating, napping, wagging and nuzzling and I’m trying my paw at fundraising too. The magic carpet ride was free, but I guess admission to ‘emergency room’ costs a lot! Since the whole thing was my idea, I figured I would share my story for anyone to who wanted to help pay for the ride!
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