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I am asking for help to raise money for my uninsured medical bills, to relieve my precious husband from this burden.

I think the best way to help all of you to understand my sorrow I will start with my daughters birth 15 months ago. Very exciting time in our life. My husbands first biological baby. He thought he couldn't have children. She had to stay in the NICU for 5 days. She had extremely low platelets and basically was bleeding to death internally. Thankfully 5 days later she was released. As a family of 6 now, things were hecktic for months, the baby cried all the time, the older children were stressed, we were stressed and all the fires in our lives kept growing.

During this time we also had Travis' mom living with us to help her get control of their life. Recently released from a perscription drug rehab, she did well.. for a minute but started using again and there were many ambulance calls, hospital visits, mental health appt anything we could do to try and help her.

A few months later my best friends husband passed at the age of 41 of a heart attack. For a month I chose to be away from my family and be by her side, I only saw my husband, 15, 13, and 11 year old on the weekends. (this happened 1 day before my 11 years olds birthday). I knew it would be tough but we could get though it.

We made it though all the kaos and I was finally home and able to breathe. My body, mind and family was depleted. I had lost a signifigant amount of weight do to breast feeding and stress.

We got the kids into school around the end of Aug last year and things were starting to settle down, so I thought.

My son Oryan is 14 and we have been known not to see eye to eye on things periodically. He has had problems in school, he is very set in he knows whats right and typical 14 year old stuff. Oryan and I were not getting along so well and he decided to "run away" Sept 1. I had spoken to the police that day, drove around to try to find him, my anxiety was out of control. I was abanded at a young age, and would never give up on my children. We soon found him on his bike at the ball fields near my home. My husband and I got in the truck to go get him. Emotions were at an extreme high and before my husband stopped the truck Oryan ran and i jumped out.

My hand and leg were broken. I broke my hand in 2 places. My leg was a mess. I fractured my tibia in 2 places, plateau of my knee, tore my mcl, acl, and all the cartlidge in that knee. Our lives changed in a matter of minutes. I was immobilied for 3 weeks till they could do surgery, for 6 weeks after that no weight on that leg. I had to go back to the surgery room in December because of scar tissue and been doing physical therapy since, up to 3 times a week. We did not have insurance when this happened and are now trying to keep up with the bills so we dont go bankrupt.

My husband is the most caring, hardworking, honest, loving, thoughful, coragious, unselfish, man I have ever met. He does everything. He cares (physically, finanially, emotional) for my 3 children like they were his own. He took 2 1/2 months off work to care for, me, the baby, the 3 kids, the house, groceries, everything. I was unable to do anything. He works so hard everyday and does not complain.

He is my hero, no one ever has shown the dedication this man has in my life. I have burdened him with some major medical bills that are getting the best of our family finances. He has done everything for myself and my children and I can only thank him with words. I need help to lessen this stress off his shoulders.

Please be kind and help me for I still am unable to work and want to reward him. Thank you so much for reading my story.
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