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Cancer can leave us all feeling helpless. Matt's brain tumor has only lead to us all being closer together. Let's continue to support him!!!

They say that you reap what you sow. Matt Marcheschi will always be the type of person who will give to anyone that needs it...

The Diagnosis that changed lives.

I met Matt Marcheschi about four years ago. I don't recall the exact date because Matt is not a flashy in your face type of guy. He's the type of guy who just makes any get-together seem a little brighter.

One of my most memorable recollections of Matt was at a New Years party to ring in 2010. After a girl drank too much at a previous party Matt practically carried her about a half mile to her aunt's house. Coincidentally the party moved on to that house and Matt, being the humble person he is, didn't say a word about the kind act he performed earlier. Instead, he walked around the party with a new years coned hat on with two bottles of champagne dancing and filling up everyone's champagne flutes... He was always keeping an eye out for everyone to make sure they were all having a great time. I wish I could understand where such selfless consideration comes from... But that is just Matt, always giving.

September 2012: I got a call from my friend Shaz. "Matt had a seizure and we're not sure what is going on but keep him in your thoughts". I didn't know what to do, how to react?

Matt had his seizure a few months ago. "I remember waking up to a bunch of paramedics in my apartment", he said. "They were asking me questions that I knew the answer to, but it was hard to recall. Like, I was slow or something".

After several tests, it was confirmed that Matt had a growth that had triggered a seizure after hitting a certain part of his brain. The doctors said that it appeared to be calcified, meaning that the growth was slow and might be easy to remove with surgery.

A week later I returned from a business trip in Chicago and was able to visit Matt at his home that Wednesday. Matt had just returned from his brain surgery a day or two prior. His wife, Rebecca; a teacher, came to the door. She reminded me of my 2nd grade teacher; completely worn out from a classroom of 30 kids but still managing a big smile on her face. Seeing Matt I ran over and gave him a huge hug. "I love you man", I said. "Love you too", he replied. We spent what felt like a lifetime talking about the events from the following weeks. Every word he spoke was engrained in my brain during our time together. After only an hour, our excitement to see one another started to cause Matt's left side of his body to go numb. Rebecca kindly asked me to leave and with a heavy heart I said my goodbyes and went home for the night.

That Friday morning on the way to business meetings I called Matt to see how he was feeling. "I'm okay", he said. We chatted for a few minutes but sensing something was wrong I asked him how he was doing again. We got some bad news last night and Rebecca and I are trying to process through it all.

"The cancer appears to be at a later stage" 

Hearing Matt's voice crack I tried to hold it together while I heard him and his wife sob. "What do I say? I have to be strong and think positively for Matt", I thought to myself.

"What can I do for you, Matt?", I asked.

"Just take care of Rebecca..."

My eyes couldn't hold back the tears filled with all of the emotions and love I felt for Rebecca and Matt.

Once again, Matt's giving heart came shining through that dark moment. Thinking only of his wife, instead of himself. I found myself wishing again where such selfless consideration comes from... But that is just Matt. Always giving.

I told Matt I would let him and Rebecca spend some time with one another and I would come by that Saturday to see him. I remember going through that day; moving from meeting to meeting. Walking out the doors of each building and putting my sunglasses on, no blinking, just an unstoppable flow of tears until the next meetings. I didn't know how to react... Hell, who does?

All I know is that the way I react will be with action and purpose. And I want to give to Matt, just like he would give to me if I needed it.

Earlier that week, someone I met by chance asked me if I wanted to run the Spartan Race with her and her team. I agreed. Learning from Matt's selfless attitude and giving heart, I am dedicating my 12+ mile / 25+ military style obstacle run and all the money I can raise by November 17th (race day) to help Matt and his wife continue their fight. Let's all come together to show Matt and Rebecca that we won't stand idly by feeling helpless!

I ask you to donate whatever you can. Kind words, funds, stories of Matt and/or Rebecca, cards or high-fives. Nothing is too big or too small.

God bless you all and Thank YOU!


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