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Lota, a trail runner at age 7 and an ultra runner at age 8 fights for his life against a brain tumor.

Lota is a Fighter; a boy with a passion for trail running. But not even the trails prepared him for a monster that would invade his brain. Lota was diagnosed with a very aggressive and extremely rare form of brain tumor known as a mature Teratoma, back in October 2014. He had just turned 8. He underwent four crainiotomies in six months which left him with many neurological deficit.

Lota now struggles with processing, wording finding, expressing his emotions, controling his emotions, anxiety, vision issues and also fatigue.  He struggles to get out and run due to fatigue and this has caused a lot of frustration and depression for him.

The tumor continues to grow and Lota is now preparing for his fifth brain surgery. This time a MRI laser ablation - a treatment never before done here in Utah on a mature teratoma. 

With only his Dad working, five other siblings to care for and all the traveling to the hospital, bloodwork, MRIs, surgeries, eye exams and more doctors visits Lota’s family is feeling the financial hardship of all the medical expenses to take care of their little warrior.

Lota is a fighter; a Warrior of a runner and our Inspiration. In March 2015, he ran the Buffalo Run 50 mile on Antelope Island UT.  He completed 33 miles of this quest.  Lota's mantra is "I GOT THIS!" He fell in love with running at an early age and has used it as his way to find comfort during his struggles and also to help others. 

You can read more about Lota's story and stay updated with his progress at or on Facebook at

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