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God is so gracious to give a mother intuition, without it Baby Ian may not be here today.

Ian Tyler was 4 months old when he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Bartters Syndrome.  In August 2015, Ian's mom, Amanda, noticed his muscles were very weak and that his weight gain had seemed to slow down. Although his temperament had never really changed, he soon began to eat less and one Saturday had a fever. That is when Amanda knew he needed to go to the ER.

Ian was immediately sent to the closest Children's Hospital in Huntington, WV and spent 6 days in the Pediatric ICU where he experienced cardiac arrhythmias, and at one point stopped breathing. After days of extensive tests, monitoring, medication and supplements the answer to what is preventing his little body from absorbing nutrition had not been found!

Baby Ian was only 8 lbs at this time. He had been seen by 6 pediatric specialists to no avail and had been life flighted to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for a higher level of care.

Doctor's expected him to be there for an extended period of time to undergo genetic testing to find the cause of this life threatening condition.

We knew that God had a plan for this uncertain situation and that He is the Great Physician!  We also know our Great Physician gives us wisdom, knowledge and understanding, so we were praying for all the Doctors, nurses, and medical staff involved.

Within 4 days, the specialists at Cincinnati Children's Hospital bagan treating him for Bartters Syndrome, it was at that time that Ian began to show improvements.  Even though eating was a couple of ounces every two hours, he bagan wanting more and soon began to gain a little bit of weight.  The Doctors were encouraged that they were on the right path.  The genetic tests would take 6 weeks before they would know a real answer.  

Due to maternity leave, Amanda had NO Paid Time Off and she is the sole parent and provider in the home. Please keep them in your prayers as there are so many uncertainties emotionally, physically and financially that weigh heavy in their lives. Your prayers and your kind words of support and encouragement would be most appreciated.
Our goal, financially, is to provide enough support for Amanda to cover any and all of Ian's medical expenses and daily living expenses so she can solely focus on being there for her sweet baby when he needs her most, every step of the way.

(Amanda did end up getting laid off from her job because she was not able to go back to work.  Ian had multiple unexpected, emergency trips to the hospital which pprevented Amanda from returning to work.)

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:12,13

We are very thankful for the love and support that has already been bestowed upon them. Please know that whatever support you give will be received humbly and thankfully.

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