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The family and friends of Melinda Appling are uniting to raise money to help with her battle of Liver cancer and related expenses.

Melinda Appling is often lovingly referred to as “The Godmother of Linda Vista,” and rightfully so. She has made it her life’s mission to make sure that the children of that little community up on the hill in sunny San Diego get the hand up they need to go on to lead productive and prosperous lives.

Linda Vista is a community rich in diversity, rich in love, and mega rich in the community spirit of “it takes a village.” As rich as this community is in a lot of the important things, they are equally poor in terms of economics. Melinda has taken countless kids in this neighborhood under her wing, fed them out of her own kitchen, housed them in her own home, clothed them with family hand-me-downs, and loved them with an open heart. She has instilled in them that no one is owed anything, but you can achieve anything you want with a lot of hard work, a little break now and then, and learning from your mistakes. Equally as important are her lessons in giving back. On this topic, there is no wiggle room. When you get yours, you give back. It’s simple. It’s straightforward. It’s non-negotiable.

Melinda has attended countless city council meetings and has not been shy in her demands that this neighborhood be given the resources they were promised. She has headlined many a fundraiser when the city or county funds weren’t enough. She’s marched when an injustice has occurred. And she is always the first to raise her hand when someone needs help. She orchestrates the final home-goings for the neighborhood residents when their time has come beneath a decades-old tree in the shape of a “V” which has long been a symbol of love of this community. The V tree got its nickname from the “V” in Vista. It looks out over the neighborhood and keeps watch over its people, much in the way Melinda does.

Melinda Appling received her diagnosis of liver cancer in mid-July. She kept it under wraps as long as she could because she was on a mission. She had some fundraising of her own to do, and her biggest event was but a mere three weeks away. She wasn’t going to let anything keep her from getting every last penny she could for her kids.

And now Melinda needs some help. She won’t ask for it. She’ll be embarrassed by it. She’ll tell us all to take that money and shove it – right into the donation box for the Linda Vista Recreation Center, which serves her kids. But this time, Godmother, Moms, Grams, Melinda, we can’t. We need you to get better. We need you to be here to take care of us. We need you to carry on the traditions you’ve started. We need you to let us do the heavy lifting this time. Just this once. Just till you’re better. And you will get better.

Anything you can give, any amount of loose change you can spare is deeply appreciated. Melinda is facing an uphill battle with mounting expenses and she’s looking at a lot of down time from work. Please do what you can. It is our turn.
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