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This is Bear's fundraising page. The funds will be used to help pay for surgery to repair Bear's broken leg.

A few weeks ago I walked into a pet store to see a ferret in a small hamster's cage with no room to move, separated from the rest of the ferrets. I asked why and they told me her owners has left her with them when they moved and offered to let me hold her. I couldn't say no to that face, and as soon as she started cuddling in my arms, I wanted to bring her home. My friend and I had been looking for a friend for our ferret, Georgie, for a while. This one seemed absolutely perfect. He was gone at military training so I had to take a night to think about making such a big decision without him. The next morning I was there at open to bring her home. Georgie and Bear got along great and became best friends.

A few weeks after settling into the new house, she got loose from her room and into the cat's area. It was a horrible accident. She fell asleep in my sister's room, and assuming she'd be fine for the night I just decided to let her sleep there. When my sister got up she forgot to close the door, not being used to having a ferret in her room and forgetting she was there. The cats attacked her, when she had probably went right up to them attempting to cuddle. She had a bite mark on her back, but her front right arm was what really worried me. She wouldn't walk on it and was constantly falling over. Despite everyone telling me to wait and see if she'd be okay, I brought her to the vet. The vet said her leg was really broken and in an area that a cast wouldn't help. They told me she needed surgery and that it'd cost $1,500 to $2,800. I'm a college student and there's no way I can afford this. I cannot STAND the thought of putting such a happy, young ferret to sleep. She's only a year old and just the sweetest ferret you'd ever meet. When I supervised her running around the house, she'd go right up to the cats and the dog and act like they were best friends right away. She loves everyone and couldn't hurt a fly. Even when Georgie plays with her, she never bites back, she just runs around excited. I'd give anything to see her jumping around with her buddy again.

It's absolutely heartbreaking seeing her try to walk dragging her little paw behind her only to fall flat on her face. She's such a sweet ferret and deserves to be happy in her forever home. She just got here, it's awful to even consider putting her to sleep. I'll exhaust every effort before that. I may not have known her very long, but I love her to death. I can't lose her, and her best friend can't lose her.

She needs this surgery, and there's no way I can pay for it on my own. I have faith in people and their willingness to help. If you could contribute ANYTHING to help my baby Bear, whether it be monetary or prayers, I'd appreciate it so much. She's such a beautiful, loving ferret. She deserves to live a long, happy life.
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