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the family and friends of tyron are gettin together with others including my school to help his innocence. we are doing everything we can

tyron is an excellent student in a chicago charter school. always respectful to his elders and always believed to treat people how you would like to be treated. his birthday passed september 30th and instead of being home grieving of his father being passed away and being with him for the first time in 18 years including missing out on his 18th birthday. speaking on his behalf is his pregnant girlfriend. tyron is an intelligent young man and is supposed to graduate highschool this year along with a paid scholarship for college of his dad passing away and all his freedom has been taken away because of a false accusation. im not asking nobody to feel sorry for me or him . but he is not guilty, he is not capable of hurting anybody nor capable of taking anyones money he knows he dont need it. i plead anyone to just give a dollar just a dollar so we can bond him out and pay a good lawyer .and if not anything towards him being able to let us know hes ok in there.i ask of those who has children just what would you do without them. this donation i took on his behalf for his mother . she suffers so much because he is the only thing she has . it breaks my heart to see someone i love be taken away because of some elses faults. he shouldnt have to spend the rest of his life or half of his life in jail when he does nothing but good around us.please this is no easy way to get money i have backup that this young boy is an innocent smart child that dont deserve this. me myself have been doing everything i can to raise what ever i can for him no matter how long it will take i will do my all to get him out here and see the light he made shine on me. i have faith in god that people can understand how it is to loose the only person you have
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