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Help us complete what has been a 10 year journey and realize our dream to become a family by adopting a child.

We started trying to start a family 10 years ago this January. After many up's and downs we have never given up hope and our marriage and commitment to each other is stronger than ever. We have a wonderful life and a loving strong marriage with a wonderful group of family and friends. All that is missing is a child to share it with. We are fortunate to be financially stable and are embarrassed to ask for help but the astronomical cost of adoption was something we were not prepared for. Our savings was depleted several years ago when we took on the care of my elderly parents who later passed away. It will take us years to save the entire cost of an adoption. We are in our 40's and the older we get the less likely a birth mother will choose us. We do not qualify for any financing or grants as we have too much income. We tried to take out a personal loan as we could afford to pay it back, but without collateral were unsuccessful. We found a wonderful agency a year ago and went on their waiting list for 8 months just to receive and application. The last piece is to show them we can afford their fee. It's $40,000 to cover the agency fee, the birth mothers medical costs and legal fees. That does not include the costs for last minute travel should our baby be born out of state or the cost of having to take up residency in another state for up to two weeks. I really don't know how much we need when all is said and done, but I thought I would just try to raise the agency fee because since we are also saving money every month. The $50,000 accounts for the fee we pay to Give Forward for helping us fundraise. Any extra raised will go into a college fund for the baby. All I have every wanted is to pass on the love and wisdom my amazing parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles gave me. Since I was in my 20's I have thought that the most important thing you could do with your life was to raise a good human being who grows up to be tolerant and kind to others. I have been blessed by my two best friends to be an integral part of their children's lives, my Godchildren who I love so much it makes my heart hurt and who I am so proud of. This relationship makes me acutely aware of what we are missing by being childless. I am fortunate to be married to my one true love and we are so happy except for the underlying sadness that we don't have children which is always tinged with faith and hope that it’s not too late yet. Please don't give more then you can comfortably afford any amount helps even $1 or $5 is greatly appreciated. We don't want to cause anyone hardship. I promise that I will pay it forward someday and help another couple become a family any way I can. Thank You.
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