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I have to quit smoking! I have bad asthma problems plus am in a bad financial bind and need the money I use towards cigarettes to put towards my mounting bills!

I'm going through what has been a horrible, most stressful time in my life! And truthfully probably the hardest time for me to choose to quit but I HAVE to quit now!!!
I am 47 and have recently lost my father who was my rock. My mother is entering the last stage of Alzheimer's presently. My 2 sisters I guess resented me being "the favorite" (which was not true) and have done awful things to me since the death of my father-which has alienated me from the last of the people I loved and always thought of as my family. I recently left an 18 year abusive relationship and have tried making a new life for myself! So I do not have the finances I did and am trying hard to make it on my own and am looking for a job. Which has been very hard due to me having no work experience! But I'm still motivated to make myself a better life!
My intention is to use any funds raised for couseling and to pay for medication to help in my goal to quit smoking! I currently have no medical insurance.
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