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We are fund raising to help Dr. Dana beat breast cancer!

2012 - What can we say??

It all started in January when her left index finger went to heaven with out her, and then this March she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After many opinions and biopsies, the treatment plan became clear that she will need a double mastectomy and reconstruction. This will involve many surgeries and many months of recovery.

This will be a tough time for Dr. Dana not only for the obvious reasons but because she is not used to not being busy with her career or all the people she loves. Dr. Dana has spent many of her off work hours (and own money) helping others by encouraging young women who are interested in veterinary science to pursue their careers and letting these women shadow her on her daily farm calls as well as continue to mentor these women as they pursued their own education through veterinary school. She has volunteered to teach classes and provided fun and interesting presentations to clubs such as 4H, so these kids would have a better understanding of responsible ownership and care of horses. Dr. Dana is frequently traveling the world taking care of animals through the World Vets foundation which is a volunteer organization that brings veterinarians together in some of the most high-need, poverty stricken countries in the world. With World Vets she has participated in mass spay/neuter campaigns, provided practical hands-on training to local veterinarians and livestock owners, thereby helping not only the animals, but the people who depend on them for their livelihood. When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Dr. Dana traveled there and spent numerous days combing through the rubble, rescuing animals and providing much needed medical care and love to hundreds of animals who were lost, scared and hurt. And if you know Dr. Dana you know that she is not quiet about animal care and the law. She has played an active role in the creation and passage of many of our animal protection laws, including testifying, at her own time/expense, in Olympia in order to make our state a safer place for animals to live. All in all Dr. Dana is the kind of person that you want to have in your life. She works tirelessly helping where she can and she is a great role model for us all. And now she needs our help.

Plain and simple: we are fund raising to offset medical expenses that insurance will not cover. Dr. Dana will be unable to work for at least 2-6 months and the fact that she is self employed, means there is no sick pay, and during this time her bills will be piling up and of course, be overwhelming for her and her wonderful husband of 2 years (they are still newlyweds). They will face this tremendous burden together and hopefully with the help we can provide it will lesson the pressure of this financial worry for them.

This is a perfect opportunity for us to give back to Dr. Dana after all she has so selflessly given to many of our animals over the years! So...let's rally around Dr. Dana and get her well and back on her feet so she can continue her mission of saving animals! Any amount you can give will be most appreciated and knowing Dr. Dana, will be paid forward many times over!

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