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My Mom, Sandy Rogers has recently been accepted into the Duke Univ. Hospitals Lung Transplant program. We need to raise at least 10000 dollars for her to recieve new lungs. All donations will be greatly appreciated. We have 4 months to do this.

My mother, Sandra Rogers has recently been accepted into the Duke University Hospitals Lung Transplant program and we need your help. In order for her to become a viable surgical recipient of a new and improved set of lungs, we, as a family, need to raise $10000.00 that will be used to pay additional expenses that her Medicare does not cover. I know this is a lot of money, but I have faith that with all of your help, we will reach this goal. We have only 4 months to do this. Once she is put onto the surgical waiting list and has completed the mandated physical rehab, there is an average wait time of 19 days for the surgery. She and I will then have to live in the immediate Durham, NC area for another 2-4 months for the after surgery physical rehab. Mom will have to take a lot of very expensive medications for the rest of her life so that her body does not reject the new lungs. Most of these are NOT covered by Medicare.
So here’s a little bit about the woman and the family your donations will be helping….My mom grew up in a small rural town called Redford, NY. It up near the Canadian border… She was chosen by my Grandmother and adopted as an infant. She later married, had 6 children and moved to the Albany, NY area to raise her children. Growing up in the Dominy house was nothing short of amazing! Our parent divorced when I was young and my Mom worked sometimes 2 and 3 jobs to just make ends meet. Our house was known in the neighborhood as the community home!! All the kids in the neighborhood loved it there. Mom enjoyed it too. We learned how to work hard for everything we wanted out of life and that family and love was to always come first. Love was and still is an unconditional thing to my mother. There were many trials and tribulations in her life too, but she has always taken things in stride and with the never fading faith that things would always turn around.
She was diagnosed with emphysema about 25 years ago. This was in part due to her working conditions. See, she worked in a plastics factory for over 20 yrs and inhaling the powder dust that was in the air all the time was unavoidable. She was eventually listed as disabled and wasn’t allowed to work any longer due to her severe breathing problems. She was a part of the NETT trials in Boston,MA and Cleaveland Clinic for lung volume reduction and/or transplant. By chance, she was put into the medical end of the study and was told that her life expectancy was only 5-7 yrs. This was about 12 yrs ago!! This shows what a strong willed woman she really is!!
She started babysitting to help cover the expenses of running a home. Mostly just her own grandchildren. This grew in a big way!! She soon went from babysitting a few children to having up to 15 kids at a time. She loved every minute of it too!! Sandra Rogers has worn many hats over the years too... She has been a mother of 6, Grandmother to 16 and a Great Grandmother to 6 more. She has been known as “Grandma Sandy” to well over 60 children in upstate NY and “Miss Sandy” to over 25 more just since she moved to Wilmington,NC about 4 yrs ago. She has been a friend, mother, and confidant’ mentor, social worker, marriage counselor and even a part time shrink to the many people over the years. My oldest brother has lived with my mom for the past 15 yrs, as well as his 3 children at times. Nothing ever stops my mom!!! She continued her daycare and has lovingly watched many of the children grow from infancy to young adults. A lot of them have learned the same values that the 6 of us kids learned growing up. Treat others the way that you want to be treated, share nicely, and love unconditionally... Some of the people she was babysitting for have also become integral parts of our family. We met Laura and her infant daughter, Nicole about 14 yrs ago. Nicole is now 14 yrs old and is about to enter high school this year. She still calls my mom Grandma Sandy and Laura are very much like a daughter to my mom and a sister to all of us. Laura and Nicole were right there when we found out that my brother, Rick, had stage 4 cancer and wouldn’t have much time left. I don’t know what our family would have done if she weren’t there for my mom and the rest of us. During the 10 days that led up to my brother’s death, my mother was diagnosed with pneumonia and needed to be hospitalized. Mom refused to go into the hospital and stayed home to care for Rick while on oxygen herself and very ill. My brother passed away quietly on April 14, 2010, with his mother and the rest of the family at his side. A lot of them drove down from NY as soon as they heard about Rick. Sandy Rogers is just that kind of a person. I remember my mother taking in my Grandmother and my Aunt Wanda when their time was coming and no one else was willing or able to help. She cared for them with all the love in her heart till the very end. I don’t remember her ever complaining about it or the fact that sometimes, life just doesn’t seem fair. I believe a lot of that has to do with her strong faith in God and also in her own inner strength that somehow things will always work out.
On a personal note… After I grew up and got married, I always seemed to be the only child of hers that lived outside a 5 mile radius. I always thought that was a good thing. Man, was I WRONG!! The past 4 years of having my mom, my brother and my oldest sister so close to me has been the highlight of my life. I have built a bond with my family members that can never be altered. Weather it was going to moms for dinner, helping out with the babysitting occasionally, going to Sunday church services with mom, or just playing a few rounds of Rummicube with the reigning queen, that is my mother, I have learned that my mother is the strongest woman I will ever have the honor of knowing. Her love is unending and 100 times stronger than the walls of fort Knox!! My mother has become the best friend that I never knew I always had. (If that makes any sense at all?)
So if you could please reach deeply into your pockets and your hearts to give generously, please do. If not, then at least say a prayer for my mom, Sandy Rogers. Everything donated will be greatly appreciated. 

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