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Hello my name is Nadir Samory a recent 2016 high school graduate with a 3.5 GPA.

I'll be continuing my education at the University of Texas at Arlington as a Biology major. The road to college was often a distorted one and the biggest obstacle was my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

When I was in the fifth grade I was apart of a gymnastics team. Due to an unfortunate trampoline accident I front flipped into the metal edging of the trampoline. This incident was a catalyst for many issues for me including eight days in hospital under Neurologist care, extreme headaches, light and sound sensitivity, Petite Mal Seizures, drug interactions and a number of other side effects. This sudden event caused my father to take time off of work for me since I missed close to 3 months of my fifth grade year.

Throughout the three years, some of my symptoms started to progress. The most evident was my light and sound sensitivity because I had to wear specifically prescribed dark sunglasses and earplugs 24/7. I still missed many days of school due to my migraines throughout elementary and middle school. However I always kept my studies and physical health a priority. I still took pre-ap classes and even managed to play a little bit of basketball during those years. Through the many people who've helped me from the UTD Center of Brain Health to chiropractors to EEG specialists, I made a full recovery on Father's day weekend of 2012.

My highschool years were exciting and since I was fully healed I could finally resume a life of normalcy. I participated in the UTD Center for Brain Health Smart Program as a student intern teaching what I learned during my Brain Study. I also was selected for the Dallas Museum of Art and Perot Museum Teen Advisory Council. I played on the basketball team, tried cross country and ended up running track, making it to regionals in Texas running the hurdles. I still maintained my mentality of academics first, thus taking 8 AP classes throughout high school. I ended my highschool career with a 3.5 GPA, several academic and athletic awards including being inducted into the National Honor Society and being on the all-city team in track and field.

College fund raising is our need and goal. After the TBI has depleted our ability to conventional financial security. We became the picture of the shrinking middle class and lost almost everything. Through a mixture of scholarships and loans, my college expenses still are in need of more funding for me to complete my college goals. I want to help others as a researcher, just as I was helped in my brain study. I also feel the need to aid in Alzheimers and Dementia research, for elders who suffer like his Grandparents.

Any donations are appreciated and no donation is too small. My family and I truly appreciate your time and help in our funding drive.
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