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Valerie and Courtney are uniting along with family and friends to raise money for Lucky's surgery. Please show your support!!!!

Lucky is our 4 year old pit bull. He means the world to us. He very sick and battling cancer. He is such a wonderful pet. He loves to play with store bought toys. He's has been such a happy dog, but we can see that he's getting worse over time. He received his diagnosis about 6 months ago. The vet said that he has a mass, and that he would need surgery to have it removed. He said that It would cost $850 to have the the surgery and including his hospital stay. I am very sick myself. I was diagnosed with leukemia 11/26/10. I am struggling to catch up on my bills since I had been off for several months during my treatment. I got myself further in debt with taking Lucky back and forth to the vet. But it was worth it because My daughter and I love this dog so much. But I just can't afford this surgery. Lucky is so awesome. He complete our family. PLEASE HELP!!! God bless you. Valerie and Courtney

   MY God. We had to take Lucky to the emergency vet las night. I am so afraid that he's going to die. The once healthy 62 pound pit bull is now only 44 pounds. He won't eat anything at this point.The bill they gave me last night was just heartbreaking. They wanted him to stay in the hospital for two or three day to do extensive test and blood work, iv fluids, stop the vomiting, and put him on a high calorie diet to put some weight on him. The bill was over $2000. I just could not afford it, so I brought him home. I really don't understand how the veterinary professionals claim to have this love for animals, but the care for the average and especially the below average, simply can't afford the care. I am in Michigan and I am calling on all veterinarians and vet hospitals to please step up and help Lucky!!

  Courtney and I will be most greatful. We love Lucky.

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