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March 9, 2015, I lapsed into a Coma due to an undetected rare bladder infection, causing respiratory failure, encephalopathy, diabetic keto-acidosis with my fasting.blood glucose soaring to 775, pneumonia, landing me on full life support.

My Hero Son found me on the floor convulsing and called 911. When I did not wake up in 3 days the prognosis was not good. At 11 days, my brave Sister, Melanie Carr Daniels-Givertz stood her ground, refusing to allow disconnection from my life support. She literally lived in my hospital room, with friends helping her. My felllow USC School of Dramatic Arts Alumni sang hymns and the USC Trojan Fight Song while visiting my bedside. Even Rev. Dr. Cecil L. Murray prayed over me while I was comatose in the Critical Care Unit of Huntington Memorial Hospital.
When I MiRACULOUSLY WOKE UP on Good Friday 2015, and spoke to my sister in a Darth Vaddar like voice, the doctors and nurses came running, saying they had never seen anything like it before, guestioning how it could be possible, saying this can't be possible, people can't talk while on life support, with tubing still in their trachea, how is this happening? They cried real tears of joy!
Miraculously, the vegetative state, permanent brain damage, inability to talk or walk, inability to care for myself: I suffered from not one of these conditions that historically affflict the small percentage of those who ever wake up from a coma such as the one I was plagued with. Sure, there were challenges. I experience tremendous aches and pains that weren't there before. I am much slower at just about everything. My stamina is not what it was, so I require lots of rest.
I still find my slow written and reading communication in email, text, and social networking particularly frustrating, so I feel Blessed to focus on the Voice Over Industry Oriented emails which I keep in 2 accounts, meaning I am never caught up on emails in the other 3 email accounts. So friends know the best way to reach me for a timely response, is an old fashioned phone call. It isn't just that I struggle to find the most appropriate words to express myself, or that I've forgotten some simple spelling here and there. The real issue is that the physical act of writing on a smartphone, my new iPhone, a laptop, PC, or Tablet are physically painful, due to multiple diabetic complications in my fingers, hands, and arms. The Diabetic Nerve Damage is no joke. Diabetic Neuoapathy hurts, deeply inside. So, I am learning to use the on screen microphone on my smart devices to try speech-to-text.
As my doctors remind me, "Be patient. Give it some time. After all, you weren't expected to have been alive! It will all come back to you, eventually."
I am forever grateful for the prayers and good wishes and financial support sent our way from friends, family, former coworkers, and even kind strangers, around the world. The truth is, that while my recovery is quite remarkable, and my voice is back in tip top shape4 for voice over work, the medical expenses for managing long term, genetic, Type 1 Diabetes with complications using life saving, state of the art Insulin Pump and Continuous Glocose Monitoring Devices while on Medicare are simply unaffordable without your support for the Copays to order monthly supplies and equipment. My prescription Copays are much higher in 2016, and I am researching, calling, and applying everywhere that I can in attempt to find charitable organizations who might lend assistance. I have found that most medical manufacturers are not permitted to offer free or discounted meds to Medicare recipients. My copays range from about $50-$100 for each 30 day supply, because the majority of my medications are not yet available in generic format.
Medicare refuses to cover several of my prescriptions, although I was taking them years before this catastrophic illness. The multiple appeals submitted by my expert physicians have not yet convinced Medicare's decision makers of their medical necessity, so I either do without those med's and suffer unpleasant discomfort and unnecessary return of some serious medical conditions that were previously under control, or I find a way to pay full price out of pocket.
Now this may be TMI for those of you who get squeemish, so if you may want to skip this paragraph of my story. One such example of an avoidable recurring illness is severe anemia caused by internal bleeding, due to erosions of the esophagus, triggered by frequent nausea and worse. The Esophageal Spasms are painful. The erosions can become cancerous. Medicare refuses to cover Zofran or Ondansetron (which had first been prescribed in 2010 during an 8 day hospital stay when I learned the black substance resembling coffee grounds that I had been tossing up for days was in fact internal bleeding!
I have often said, "It feels like there is a plot to sit back and just watch us Type 1 Diabetics die off, because our health and well being are perceived by so many as too inconvenient and too expensive to maintain." After all, I am still waiting for Medicare to wave their magic wand of approval to authorize shipment of the new, upgraded insulin pump prescribed by my Endocrinologist in April 2015, prior to my discharge from the 2nd month of hospitalization for coma rehabilitation at Verdugo Hills Hospital in Glendale, CA.
Medicare demanded proof that I was accurately diagnosed while in my teens, and am indeed a Type 1 Diabetic with recent fasting Labs for glucose and C-Peptides which, the results of which Medicare rejectected because my numbers were deemed too severe to be accurate. Go Figure!!! So I had to wait for a day with better numbers to go to the lab. The last delay was that, Medicare requested to review 1 month of my glucose numbers from my OneTouch fingerstick download, before they will decide to authorize shipment. 39 years as a Type 1 Diabetic, formerly on 8 daily insulin injections, ranked in the 2 percentile of most difficult to control brittle cases in 1994, complicated by diabetic gastroparesis, and history of 7 years on insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring therapy....That is not enough to move the Medicare decision makers to sensibly authorize shipment of the upgraded insulin pump. I mean really, I woke up after 20 days in a coma over a year ago. Are they hoping for another coma? It makes you wonder.
So whatever you are willing to do to help will be helpful. Funds are needed to keep me on my path of recovery. Spreading the word about my miraculous survival after 20 days in a coma via sharing this website is helpful. Communicating with your local Representatives that the processes that Medicare has in place to approve Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors for Type 1 Diabetics are life threatening, inappropriate, and need to be revised immediately. For those of you who own a business, have contacts in production who hire SAG-AFTRA Voice Actors, feel free to forward my contact info, or tell me where to send my demo's, or throw a voice over project in my direction. It feels great to supplement my benefits with earnings from my own Voice Over work!
Don't feel that you have to donate mega bucks in order to help. Yes! I have Mega Medical Bills, Yes! I'm still in search of adequate housing for people with disabilities, as I am living in my 4th temporary rental situation within the past year, so moving expenses are coming. Yes! Transportation has a cost. My Car Registration is Due and it needs a few repairs. I Need to Purchase Books of Vouchers to Request Rides on Access Transportation for People with Disabilities, when my destination is more than 10 minutes away. I have an average of 3 Specialist doctor's Appointments and Physical Therapy Appointments for my Spinal Issues or Occupational Therapy for my hands per week. And each therapy session has a $10 CoPay. Yes! I would prefer to resume Acupuncture treatments to help manage my pain but that is not covered by Medicare. There is a local school that provides treatments for $25 per session. Every Dollar Will Help!
Every day that I wake up is another opportunity to continue on my miraculous journey of recovery! I am joyful because I am alive! Thanking All of You In Advance!
Theresa Mignonne Daniels aka Terry
& Proud Mom of Jason Hoggatt
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