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The family and friends of David "Opa" Brotsch are working to raise money to offset the cost of medical care after his heart transplant.

Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate's Year of Unfortunate Events.

In April our dad was fighting a cold, he figured it was from being in the hospital with our mom, who was put in a coma because of other medical issues. Then in May, dad's sister passed away suddenly. In June he was back visiting in the hospital because Judy Faye had a stroke. Come July, cold is still there but much much worse. Dr. dismissed it as asthma flare up from when he was a kid. Turns out he had congestive heart failure and pneumonia and had to have over a liter of fluid drained from his lungs. 3 hospital stays later, fast forward to October and our dad has to have a heart transplant asap. Dad is the only source of income, he isn't old enough for social security yet, and can now no longer work. We're starting the process to try to do fundraisers because of the medication he will have to be on after the surgery. He is suppose to be going into the hospital any day now for them to put a heart cath in and possibly an external pump. So now there are multiple prayer requests; 1. dad will receive a heart soon. 2. we find a way to raise the money necessary to sustain him afterwards. 3. he recovers fully. 4. our family as we go through all of this.

For any of you who know our dad, David Brotsch, you know how much he loves life and the people around him. His laughter is one of the first things you can recognize him by and we want nothing more than for the laughter to continue.

Please help us, help him continue laughing. Your love, prayers and support are always accepted and coveted.

Every aspect of this illness is costly. Not only financially; but mentally and emotionally. We all do our best to help dad as we move forward through the process of a transplant. We need financial help. We need help to afford the medication costs that will incur after the procedure, as well as medical costs during the process. Any additional funds will be applied to travel expenses and follow up treatments

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.
Judy (Mom),
Judy Faye, Danny, Timmy, Grandchildren and Nieces
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