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By raising enough money this would allow me and my family to put all struggles behind us and be able to live as a normal American Family

Dear readers,

My name is SPC Ryan Avery Sutton current Veteran of the United States Army. I enlisted and started my basic training in Ft. Jackson on January 1st, 2009. The first and only son in my family of four brothers to enlist in the military. I enlisted to become a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot (Drone Pilot) for the United States. Since then I served in my first duty station away from family in friends in Germany as part of the 173rd Airborne Special Troops Battalion. I served with my unit through an entire year in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom 2009 & 2010. I completed over 1100 hours of safe flight with the unit and was a key component in several captures of high value targets and IED disposals. Since then have received an Honorable discharge.

My discharge took place on November 8th 2011. I was having really bad asthma problems while back in Germany which, unfortunately, resulted in me failing the 2 mile run by a minute and a half. After completing all appointments and being cleared through all departments(including financing) saying I had served honorably without a single code of misconduct I have been faced with a new challenge after leaving. I am now faced with a debt to the Army of $7600. I debt I can not feasibly do without abandoning all currents commitments such as: rent, car insurance, car payments and buying enough food for me and my wife to live on. I am dropping all pride and asking for help. I need help. Any help. And I am reaching out in hopes of conducting a fundraiser to help me relinquish the burden set forth on me after my time in service.

We are a newly married couple struggling to keep our independence by living on our own. We would hate to face the fact that I have not given enough and must move back in with relatives. I didn't know if there would be a chance to do a fundraiser for my cause. I fundraiser I would actively participate in. I would do anything it took to help my and my wife feel like I am not a failure for enlisting. For bring my name back to a honorable position. I would walk 10 yards for every dollar, or do a mile for ever hundred dollars or what ever it took to help us eliminate this problem. I have never asked for anything so significant and selfless of other people. I can not do this alone however. I have spent my time and money donating to children with cancer and diseases hoping that their lives become more comfortable and suitable. Including donating $400 dollars when I was 18 to a boy who had leukemia. I am not saying I should be recognized for this, but I am saying I need to same type of help and generosity that others have received.

I would gladly talk to anyone I needed to and answer all questions if it results in my and my family feeling like a family again and not living in fear of having to lose everything I have been struggling to keep. Please just take me into consideration is all I am asking and respond with any verdict you have come to. I appreciate your time, help and consideration. God Bless you and the men and woman who served us and continue to serve. Thank you.


Spc Ryan Avery Sutton

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