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This is Drakesters site...all love is welcomed

In 2004, I was hit with several traumatic events. I lost my father to cancer, family home burned down, and I had to euthanize my 16 year old lhasa apso. It was a tough time for everyone, but I was just mentally not prepared. I worked at a group home in Ramona at the time. In December 2004, I was at work one night and a dirty, skinny dog wondered onto the porch. The girls immediately asked to give it a bath, feed it, etc. I said, "No...he is dirty". Yet, after several times of hearing it...I said "Ok, but don't tell anyone". That night, the girls cleaned him up and fed him and he loved all the attention. I asked if they had seen him before and they said that he belonged to the next door house. I walked over there, with the girls and dog waiting in front of the group home. The man opened the door, drinking a beer, and stated that he let him roam bc he didn't like the dog. He would hit the dog with a broom and throw beer cans at him. The dog wasn't "tough enough". I said I would take him if that was the case and the guy said that he didn't have papers or anything, but would gladly give him up. I went back and offered that dirty, skinny dog a ride in my truck and he jumped him. Since 2004, I have had that boy with me and he has blessed many people's hearts. He has worked at schools and group homes with me, loves to be touched, and warms with his presence everywhere he goes. He came with the name Drake and I made him mine with Drakesters. He is 10 years old and the son I have always wanted. Drake is not just mine, as I share him with anyone who needs a hug or a lick on the cheek. He has saved me twice in my life and it is my turn to do the same. He has been provided an awesome life and everyone around us has had some part in it. I have had a lot of drama and pain in my life, but Drakesters is the one consistent, loving, and awesome thing I have. To lose him, would be equal to me losing a child. He is NOT just a dog, he is my baby boy. God has yet to bless me with a human child, but he was awesome enough to bless me with a doggy one.
On Sunday, Drake was diagnosed with a giant mass on his spleen, which ultimately leads to death. He is having surgery for $3000 on Thursday September 6th and his Sunday visit was already $500. I am not rich, never have been, but I love my son more than anything. I am getting him his surgery, as he deserves the best chance of quality life. Any donation made in Drakesters name will go directly to his hospital fees. He is so funny and has such a great temperament. He wasn't put in a kennel at the vet or anything, they said he was just lounging on a blanky...well I want him to continue to lounge on a blanky but in his home with us. If you or anyone you know can help the cause, we appreciate it so much. However, no matter or not...I want EVERYONE to know about the best son and how his life has changed mine. Keep him in your prayers and all wishes are welcome. :)
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