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I'm sorry for not posting this update sooner. Kevyn passed on November 26, 2012. We continue to send his family our thoughts and prayers.

A life defined by friendship, family, fashion, fun, love, laughter and the promise of living happily ever after… Kevyn… There are so many people that would be more fitting to write this, so many people who are a part of Kevyn’s everyday life now that could tell you all the intimate details of his comings and goings. We are snapshots, short stories in the chapters of his life so when the four of us share our thoughts it will not be the full scope of his life but it will hopefully give you some feeling of what he means to us and in our sharing your memories and stories will connect us all together. Thoughts from Shannon, Ed, Kym and Erin. The first time I met Kevyn was in a theater class at CMU. We had an instant connection; it was hard to not have that with him. He has an infectious laugh and pulls you right into a room with charismatic personality. Kevyn is the definition of Diva with a capital “D” but nobody pulls it off better. My best memoires are with him covered in snow outside of Moore Hall with a thermos of hot chocolate meeting for late night rehearsals, sitting for hours at Big Boy analyzing our lives. He has been with me through some of my darkest hours without judgment but with a shoulder and an open heart. On the day my son was born he was one of the first to arrive at the hospital- I can still see him holding Bay. He gave him a book, “2001 Things to do Before You Die” He wrote a personal message to my son in that book that I read the other night that brought tears to my eyes. People can come in and out of your life for different reasons, but sometimes you are blessed to have an extraordinary friend who no matter how much time passes, when they step back in your life it’s as if they never left. I see by reading Kevyn’s FB page that he has so many amazing friends-this does not surprise me. I want to thank those friends that I have never met who are sitting at his side taking care of him. You are a wonderful group of people and I hope someday to meet you. We know that you are there putting in the day to day love and for that we cannot thank you enough. Kevyn-words will not be enough to say what you mean to all us-we love you. Fight- fight hard and we will see you soon. Love, Shannon One October night up at CMU I returned to the laundry room after theatre rehearsal only to find my six loads of clothing missing! In a sheer panic I ran back to the apartment not knowing what I was going to do. There I found Kevyn folding the last few garments of the six loads. They were stacked all around him in perfect Gap store squares and next to him a dish full of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies he made in the shape of little bats. As I opened up the door he bellowed, “Hey!” He was dangling one of my bras in his hand asking, “Do you actually fold these things or do you just lay them out in the drawer?” I never laughed so hard! Thank you for taking care of me, Kevyn. Now let me help take care of you. Love, Kym What makes a friend? What are all of the little moments that build upon themselves and culminate in the one big defining moment that take us from “someone I kind of know” to “dear friend”. This moment, interestingly enough, often goes unnoticed or unrecognized. As I pause to celebrate these little moments between Kevyn and me, I’d like to share three memories that cement our lifelong connection. It was August in Mt. Pleasant 1994, mid-August when summer theatre was behind us and a new school year lay ahead of us. The days were lazy and the nights were quiet...relatively speaking. Kevyn called (the landline) on one of those quiet nights and said, “Let’s go for a drive.” As we drove down Pickard Street, something shiny and new got his attention. That something shiny and new was a car- a black Ford Probe. We pulled in the dealership; Kevyn negotiated a sweet deal for himself; and we pulled out in a new car. I was in awe of his seize the moment...and a new car...approach to life. Later that same month, another lazy quiet night, another call, “I’m coming to pick you up.” Within what seemed like seconds Kevyn was knocking on the door. “You’ll need what you have on, something to wear swimming, and a toothbrush. We’re going to the lake.” The lake was Hogback. The home was Grandpa and Grandma’s. The sun was setting as we drove north on 127 to begin our 24-hour vacation. It was completely dark outside by the time we pulled up to Grandpa and Grandma’s. A quick change and a quick hello to the hostess and we were running down to the lake. Being a bit afraid of open water, really terrified of swimming in anything other than a pool, I was hesitant to jump in- not Kevyn. He dove in, disappearing for what seemed like an eternity. He surfaced 100 yards out, “Come on...get out here...the water feels great! You can do it.” I jumped in. We swam to the other side of the lake and back. Fast forward a year almost to the day - August 1995. I graduated from CMU that summer and was moving down to Athens, Georgia to continue my studies at UGA. It was my last night in Michigan and early the next morning I would be heading south. Kevyn, along with Stacy Grutza and Erin Hanley, were spending this last night with me at my parent’s home in Shepherd. We never fell asleep, opting instead for laughter, talking, and remembering. As the sun came up, there was a significant silence. The laughter stopped- not in a bad way but in a way that felt like we were trying to hold tight to something really special, something that we wanted to last just a short while longer. I remember hugging Kevyn and saying goodbye and how good that hug felt. The defining moments that created two dear friends out of Kevyn and I go neither unnoticed nor unrecognized. Our friendship strengthened and grew during moments when we negotiated the best deal on a new car, took an impromptu drive to the lake, and pulled one last all-nighter as we looked with excitement through tears toward the future. I’d like to opt for laughter, talking, and remembering with you again, Kevyn. Please wake up soon and be well my friend. Much love. Eddie Kevyn and I share some really positive memories, and some not so great ones. Let's start with the good stuff. Kevyn and I were roommates back in Mt. Pleasant while we were going to CMU. I don't even remember what year- maybe my senior year, before I stayed in town and went on to grad school. We had a two bedroom 'duplex' out on Broadway, toward the casino. (Mind you, the casino as we know it now didn't exist) I think it was beyond the 'pole' barn that it was when I first arrived in town, but it certainly wasn't the complex that it is today. We thought we were so grown up. We would play great music, dance around, light candles and cook meals. There were, of course, some parties but nothing like the "Love Shack" gatherings. We made each other laugh, and learned a lot about 'being there' for the important people in your life. The not so great memories are actually surrounding 9/11. Kevyn was already living in NYC, and I was in DC/Northern Virginia. As we sat in front of our TV, that morning, watching the WTC there was a loud noise/rumbling right outside the apartment. (NOTE: We were on the 15th floor of a 20 floor building about 5 miles south of the pentagon. Of course we didn't know it at the time, but the noise and shaking was actually the plane that crashed into the pentagon just a few moments later. As we know, the tragedy hit all Americans but is was surreal for those of us living near the crash sites. Phone service went down almost immediately, as the circuits were overrun with people trying to reach out to friends/family to advise them that we were okay. It was a few days before Kevyn and I were able to speak with each other, but when we did it was so refreshing to talk to someone who "knew how you felt" with the fear, the shock and disbelief- not to mention the logistics of surviving in the midst of the chaos. To this day Kevyn and I generally send each other a quick text on the 9/11 anniversary. It is just another one of the memories that I share with him. And it is those memories that I cling to in times like this. It has been a number of years since Kevyn and I have seen each other, but it doesn't change the love we share for each other. I keep 'planning' on coming up to see a new show, or try a new restaurant, but something always seems to get in the way. (time off work/money etc.) What I have learned as a result of Kevyn's illness/hospitalization is never to take anything for granted. If I want to go up to the city, I just need to do it. I should drop him more notes via e-mail and/or Facebook. And, I will continue to send my annual 'snail mail' birthday card to him. I hope it brings him as much joy/comfort/pleasure to receive those cards as it brings me in writing them! Today, I remember the Kevyn of my past. The friend with whom I laughed and cried. And, I look forward to making new memories with him in the future. I think I finally got the message to stop making excuses when I say I want to come for a visit. Next time it's going to be for real. All my love, Erin

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