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The family and friends of Meg Evans are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against cancer. Please show your support!

Well folks, here's our story. Meg is a wonderful person and loving single mother. She has a great laugh and beatiful daughter and son. She has worked hard all her life to care for her family and make the world better despite being a type 1 diabetic and celiac. Meg contracted lymes in 1995 and subsquently diagnosed with several other autoimmune diseases, but the big kicker that has taken her away from work and put her on bedrest has been the ovarian and colon cancer. Due to Meg's senstivities and other allergies she cannot do most mainstream cancer treatments. Her doctor has stated that both chemo and surgery would kill her far faster than the cancer. Now this isn't a story of despair. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and here it is.

Meg has found a Natural Cancer Therapy called the Gerson Therapy that can cure the cancer and help heal/improve her various autoimmune dieases. The Gercon is an intense combination of diet, juicing, and natural supplements. The Gerson doctors need her to come to the clinic for three weeks with daughter/caregiver and then they will need two helpers to set up meg's home for the therapy.Many out of pocket medical expenses have already accrued. Meg has been advised by her doctors and dentists that it is very important to her health to have her dental work done.  Her last visit to the dents showed she had infections in her roots of several teeth and she has some major cavities and some broken teeth due to previous and lonstanding problems of malabsorpion weakening her teeth. These infections are a serious drain on her immune system and need to be corrected asap.  Stage one will cost about $5000.00. She does not have an estimate but of sage two but oral surgery is involved in the whole picture.She was told by 3 doctors that this is necessary for her health to improve. This is where you all come in.

Due to her chronic degenerative and auto immune disease, Meg has been on disability for over a decade. Now, with the cancer, she can barely make monthly expenses let alone the out of pocket medical expenses or the travel and stay at the clinic. Below we have worked out the big one time expenses and what she and her daughter need to survive month to month.If Meg cannot earn enough for the Clinic, she will use what is arned for the other expenses listed here, and treatment from a Doctor in New York who can help her with her health challenges. Thank you all so much for you prayers, help, and support.

One time donations:

Intensive stay at clinic w/caregiver (includes travel),  $20,000

Gerson Juicer: $2000

Gerson Home set-up: $600

Monthly Needs:

Out of Pocket Medical Expenses: $500

Living Expenses + Monthly Therapy needs: $1500-2000

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