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Friends and family of Jesse Reneau are asking for your help to get him the spinal surgery he desperately needs. Please show your support!

Jesse is 37 now. He has been suffering from acute headaches since he was in his teens. We thought they were migraines. We thought they were "cluster" head aches. Throughout the years he has been given a plethora of medications by various doctors. In the early years the CAT scans and MRI showed "moderate" damage in his cervical spine. He continued to suffer these terrible headaches as they progressively got worse and worse. He has spent many a night in emergency rooms, begging for relief. He refused narcotics,he wanted relief from the pain, he wanted to get some sleep, go to work, play with his daughter, love his wife.
The pain intensified, the marriage broke apart. Working was a challenge, but he hung in.
Jump forward to the present. Jesse's current MRI shows his C-3 and C-4 have broad based posterior disk bulging, uncovertebral hypertrophy, C-4 nerve root narrowing with severe nerve root entry zone impingement on the right, and much more. Jesse has been under the care of renowned orthopedists at Slocum Orthopedics in Eugene, Oregon for two years now. He was getting some relief by receiving Rhysotomies, a procedure that cauterizes the nerve, killing the pain. His doctors told him there would come a time when the "nerve burn" would cease to work. That time has come.
Jesse spends most of his time writhing in pain now, wanting his life to end. He beats himself to feel other pain. The doctors call this "referral of pain". It is an effort to change the focus of the excruciating pain in the sufferer's head to some other part of their body. This is not uncommon for people who suffer severe head pain.
His "head aches" are also referred to as "suicide" head aches because the pain is so extreme, sufferers want to take their lives, and sometimes do.
My son's doctors tell him he could easily become paralyzed. This is because the cause of his pain is from arthritic calcification on one of his cervical vertebrae pushing the one above it out of place, so far out of place that it has dislocated it's position in his spinal column. At any moment a wrong move could have the same effect as a broken neck, causing him paralysis. The pain, we have finally been told, is from the impingement of his occipital nerve.
Jesse's legs are black and blue from all the punching on himself, trying to transfer the pain out of his head to some other body part. He can't work. He has 9 to 11 or more headaches throughout each day as well as the night.He is sleep deprived. He has lost strength in his shoulders and the doctors tell him he will loose strength in his arms and hands if he doesn't get the surgery he so desperately needs.
Jesse is an artist. He paints motorcycles and cars. He does beautiful work, that is, he used to. His pain has robbed him of his ability to do just about everything. He is embarrassed by his condition, robbed of his ability to live like the man he wishes to be.
His doctors, Jesse and myself, his Mom, all believe the best solution would be to get him to the Laser Spine Institute, where their surgical team specializes in exactly the surgery Jesse needs. There is a Laser Spine Surgery Center located in Scottsdale Arizona, not that far away from his home. Shawn, the patient coordinator at the Institute, tells me a five day stay would be all it would take to fix him up. There, within a few hours, he could be healed. He could lead a productive life free of pain for the first time in over 20 years! His surgery cannot be scheduled until he reaches his financial goal. THAT'S WHY WE ARE ASKING PEOPLE SUCH AS YOURSELF TO HELP!!!
Jesse lives in Oregon, where there is no medical care for low income folks, like Jesse.Your generous contribution will make it possible to manage his financial/medical costs.
Please help my son become pain free and wipe out the possibility of paralysis. Please help me keep him from a disastrous outcome. There is a reason his head pain is referred to by the medical community as "suicidal". Please, please help Jesse lead a normal life....he has never had that opportunity.
Due to Jesse's disability, I, his mother, will be accepting your donations and gifts on his behalf.
If you wish to send a check please make it out to "Jesse Reneau Surgery Fund". You may send it to my address:

Laura Reneau
PO Box 4781
Arcata, Ca 95518

WE want to thank you and share our Heartfelt Gratitude for your Kindness and Generosity.

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