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Help Adalia Rose get a real human-hair wig, hand crafted from her mothers own hair!

Our beautiful princess Adalia Rose has been battling Progeria all her life. Progeria is a rare genetic condition that produces rapid aging in children. Symptoms include: growth failure during the first year of life; narrow faces, loss of eyebrows, eyelashes and baldness. Barbara Walters recently did a special on 20/20 about Progeria. If you haven't seen it, check it out on!

Adalia Rose is a courageous little girl who never, ever gives up. What her heart truly desires is a "real" wig. Adalia loves to play dress up and with a regular synthetic wig, you can't style it and it doesn't feel natural. Adalia used to have hair as an infant but because of the disease it causes hair loss, and at only 5 years old, she knows the difference between fake and the real thing! Adalia's mother, Natalia is determined to shave her own head just like her daughter's. She is not only willing- but she's excited to become bald with her babygirl and plans to send her locks to "Caring and Comfort" to create a personalized wig for Adalia. The only thing between her and this vision is the cost of a human hair wig = $1,700. To weave every strand of human hair is an expensive process.

I'm sure you want to know more about Adalia Rose so we've included tons of her pictures to the left. Caution, she's got a spunky spirit that may cause you to smile uncontrollably =D You might even take pointers from her! Friend her on Facebook using the link on the left - she loves to have new friends and support from all those who adore her. Thank you so much for reading, and we'll post pictures of her mom's wig, stunningly modeled on Adalia Rose as soon as we reach this goal. Have a great day!

Update 6/30/12 - What wonderful support Adalia has from all over the world! We keep exceeding our original goal, so you'll see the field goal moving each week. Any extra monies collected for the wig will be used toward Adalia's medical expenses.

Update 7/10/12 - So I've surfed the internet and found all sorts of blogs and comments about Adalia. I had no idea what kind of an impact she would have on others. It's extraordinary! But with the good, there is also the bad. I've read a few negative opinions where people assume Adalia is being "exploited". I want to be clear, we are NOT doing this just for the donations (although money always does help any child who has a disability.), we're doing this to spread awareness of Adalia's condition. Before stumbling on her page, most people have never heard of Progeria, and they are probably the first ones who would stare at her in public. I bet now you see her (and those who do not look like you) in a different light. Instead of glaring at her, making rude comments, or bullying we hope you embrace her and those like her. That makes all the difference in the world. We're so glad you found Adalia, and we hope she continues to be an inspiration in your life.

Update 8/15/12 - Great news! It's here! Adalia has finally gotten her wig! Her mom was able to shave her head a month ago and now it has been woven into a beautiful wig for Adalia. Check out Adalia's facebook page to see more photos of her. Adalia is thrilled and we thank you so much for making this happen for her.

Please visit the Progeria Research Foundation and watch this special with Barbara Walters when you have time. You'll learn so much more about Progeria first hand, I certainly have.

Progeria Research Foundation - They are passionately working nonstop for a cure:

20/20 Special on Progeria with Barbara Walters

thankfully yours,
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