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Jasper is in desperate need of life-saving heartworm treatment. Your donation will help her fight the fight for her life!


On March 23 2010 Jasper found her way into my life.

I was driving down the road when I turned onto a side street and immediately noticed a yellow lab running towards me in the middle of the road. She looked scared and very confused. The car in front of me almost ran her over. I positioned my truck in the middle of the road to protect her, then stopped and opened the door. She immediately jumped in as if she already knew who I was.


After bringing her home I tried locating her owner through local newspaper ads, posted signs throughout local vets, and even driving back to the neighborhood where I found her asking if anyone knew her owner. Within days I had become very attached to the dog due to her loving personality and kind soul. After three weeks I got a phone call asking about the dog. As it turned out a family driving down the highway in Macon GA (several hours from my location in North ATL) found her in the same manner I did, running down the road. Because the family was not really prepared for a dog at the time, we decided she would be better off staying with me and my two dogs Whisper & Bodhi. At that time my Rhodesian Ridgeback (Bodhi) was very sick and living on borrowed time. I felt the addition of Jasper would help Whisper cope with the loss of Bodhi who was her companion since being a puppy.


At the time I found this loving stray dog I was on my way to Jasper GA, hence naming her accordingly. Jasper has turned out to be a wonderful dog and very close companion. Initially she seemed to be very healthy, free of any real concerns. After having her tested for heartworm in Summer of 2011 I was shocked to find out she had tested positive. The vet explained this was common for stray dogs and that I should not blame myself for not immediately testing her soon after she was found. The vet also explained the seriousness of the illness along with the details related to the expensive treatment needed in order to save her life. Unfortunately, the medication was unavailable at the time – the entire country was out and waiting for new supplies from Europe. Now that the medication is once again available, I am no longer able to afford the cost. Due to being self-employed and a drastic decline in my income the last year, I just can’t afford the added expense. This disease will eventually kill Jasper if she does not receive the necessary treatment. I’m not the type of person to ask for help from other people, but for the sake of my dog and her future I am willing to put my pride aside and do whatever is necessary to save her life. I would be extremely grateful to anyone who could help out in order to save a loving dog who was already rescued once, but now faces a life-threatening disease that has left her needing to be rescued once again.


Thank you.



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