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4 years ago I moved from Missouri to Florida, leaving many friends and family members.

But the hardest was leaving my best friend Justyn. But we decided not to let that keep us down so we stayed in touch via phone and other devices. But I am 16 almost 17 entering my last year of high school before I graduate and Join the military. This is the last time I will get to see my best friend before we both leave for the military or I go to college. If I join the military we are joining different branches and each branch has a contract that lasts four years so this may be the last time I see him for a long time. Even if I choose college he is already enlisted so it would be the same wait. I had a job but do to the store closing down I lost it. I've been trying hard applying to multiple jobs but because it's summer I can't get any because all the other kids take them. School starts for him in August but I need the money quickly because it's cheaper to buy a plane ticket in advance and we want to get it for July 17th. So every dollar helps, you would be making my world by even donating a dollar. A cheap plane ticket is about $220 Thank you if you donate or if you just consider!!
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