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Friend Philip Lassman has inoperable Pancreatic Cancer. We are seeking donations to defray his out-of-pocket medical and living expenses.

Phil is a self-employed taxi driver in Louisville KY and only has his income to support himself. Currently he is undergoing chemotherapy and unable to work.

Phil's story in his own words:

"Hey everybody, home from visiting the oncologist. I just got off the phone with my daughter who I felt had the right to know the results before I posted anything here. (Facebook support group) Instead of going over the details over and over again, which would wear me out, I had thought of having a lunch get together on Sunday for all of my local friends, but too many of you are so distant, this post is the best method. So here we go. Because the cancer has spread from my pancreas to my liver, surgery is not an option. If it was still confined to the pancreas maybe they could operate but it's too late. The life expectancy numbers he gave me are all averages based on research and results of several hundred other patients with this cancer. But they are averages, can fluctuate in either direction, and there are also exceptions, those who survive longer. I plan to be one of them.

Without treatment, I would have approx 3-4 months left. But my oncologist loves my spirit so we are going to attack with chemo. This may extend life for up to approx one year, as long as my quality of life is not impaired. They will use every chemo tool they have in the toolkit, until they see it is not having a positive effect or they run out of tools. He also said research is still ongoing and perhaps a new drug or treatment will be discovered that they can use. In order to administer chemo, they need to insert what's called a port into my chest and that procedure is set for next Friday.. The following week will be my first chemo treatment.

NO TEARS OR CRYING!! Plenty of time for that down the road. I want you all to absorb strength and spirit and hope from me and my words. I'm going to do everything I can to beat this.
Love, Phil"

There is a Facebook support group where you can get up-to-the-minute updates and information on Phil's progress. Here is the link: and paste the URL in your browser window and hit return. When the page comes up, click ‘Join’ and an administrator will approve you.

Please share the links for the fundraiser page and the support group page in your social networks. Let's rally the troops to help Phil in his battle against cancer! Thanks in advance for your help!!  

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