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Raising funds to help the Johnson Family find their daughter, Jordan.

I started this website to help find Jordan Hope Johnson, age 17, who disappeared April 23rd, 2010.

I've known Jordan for 6 years and consider her a friend. I met Jordan as a Small Group Leader in K-Life youth ministry. I was a mentor to her along with several of her friends. The group met with me weekly as I tried to help them navigate through Jr. High and eventually High School. It was immediately apparent to me that Jordan was not your average teenage girl. Jordan seemed to challenge the selfish, insecure, stero-type of “kids these days.” Most notably, she showed so much interest in others and was passionate about helping people and rooting for the underdog. Together, we took two trips to New Orleans after the hurricane to help rebuild. She volunteered at her church teaching Sunday school. She excitedly put together gift boxes for underprivileged kids at Christmas time. I was a first hand witness to her charitable and generous heart. In addition to all this, Jordan has been a competitive cheerleader, a solid student, and just plain fun to be around. Jordan is a sister to 10 siblings; several have been adopted out of the foster care system by her parents.

Jordan recently moved to Conroe, Texas. She was living with her grandparents and older brother, who goes to college there. We exchanged messages on Facebook and talked a few times on the phone. Jordan confessed she was struggling with the move and missed home. Family and friends assumed it would just take her a little time to get settled in and make new friends. Unfortunately Jordan disappeared before she had time to establish her new life in Texas.

At first we assumed she was on her way back to Iowa driven by homesickness. Some of Jordan's friends confirmed that she had secretly made plans to come home. However, Jordan never arrived in Des Moines. Her whereabouts are still unknown. And she hasn't had contact with any family or friends since before she left Texas.

Stacie and Brad Johnson have put every effort into finding their daughter. This nightmare has left them exhausted and frustrated as they have pursued any possible lead and are still clueless to Jordan’s location. During the search they have not been able to work steadily, as they have been in continuous contact with police, acquaintances in Texas, friends in Des Moines, and anyone else who might hold a piece to the puzzle. I found myself wanting to do something, anything, to help bring Jordan home. My heart is broken for the Johnson’s and I can empathize with their desperation to find her. But, understanding the family’s need to pay bills despite the agony of a missing daughter lead me to create this website.

For those of you, like me who have wanted to help, but didn't know how - here is your opportunity. The funds raised on this site will go directly to the Johnson Family. They will use your contributions to magnify the search for Jordan as well as cover some of the deficit acquired as they have taken time off from work to look for their daughter. Please give whatever you can. Your generosity will help lighten the burden this family is carrying.

Most importantly, continue to pray for Jordan’s safety and that she would soon be at home with her family. Spread her story and her picture to everyone you know and help us find Jordan Johnson.


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