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My son has a rare condition called weaver syndrom. As a family we want to uniting to raise money for his needs. Love u cooper

I'm a mother of 4 children,my youngest which is the 3rd child came into this world 2009,he was born in mo,when i had him i only seen him alitle and then they fly him to ks to children hospital where he spent his first 10 days in the hospital. We got relased and moved to Southern Iowa. At six months my sons head was size of adult head, took him to blank childrens hospital, where they did ct scans, then next we knew it we where headed to Mayo clinc in mn. They did a ct scan on him and said he had water on the brain which need sugrey as soon as possible. The wonderful doctor rerouted his ventericiles in his head so it would drain to the back instead of the front. Then Mayo clinic did more testing and more looking the gentic doctor looked at him and said he has weaver syndrom. We said what, ask what was that.
They said it is rapid growth beginning in the prental period and continuing through the toddler years and into elementary school years. It also strongly associated with bones developing and maturing more quickly. They told us he is 52 in the united states that has this. They told us we will begain to notice some things, like crawling when hes suppose too or cooing at us or his eating habits, and ganing weight Yep the docs where right.
At age 1 he still wasn't doing hardly anything he was sick all the time we spent most of our time in the hospital.Cooper had feeding tubes in his nose and ivs all over. Many night where close calls for us, but god was watching over us and keeping our little star going. Cooper has had 2 set of tubes in his ears,tonsiles out, abnodoes out. Cooper has had alot of testing that no child should go threw. Coopers throat is the size of ur pinkie so its hard for cooper to get any kinds of food. Its really hard for cooper to breath he has inhalers he takes twice a day so he can breath.
At 2 Cooper starts to show a little more signs like slowly trying to crawl, trying to eat more, Cooper is still on the bottle.
At 3 Cooper is crawling, eating somewhat, still on the bottle.
As family we decided to take Cooper
to the shriners to see if they can help us get him to walk, they did 6 week casting. We askes them if they could help get us a wheelchair, in 6weeks they had one for him. In the mean time he wears braces on his feet, to help him stable his feet, coopers trying to walk. Still to this day he dont communitcate with us, he gets so mad cause he cant tell us what he wants. We started signing to him he has picked up on that. Coooper has trouble seeing us he wearing glasses, hope that helps him, if not hes going in for sugery in Dec.
Cooper started school in Aug, he struggles real hard to understand and communicate with students and teachers.
Im hopeing in the future he will be walking and talking to us or some how communicating with us. This is gonna be a long process. Doctors says he will not be the actually age he is we have to go back to baby stage with him. So hes 3 but actually he 8months in so and 12 months in th crawling,6 months in eating.
But as a mother i love my son, and i really want him to have a good life, and enjoy his life. I tell him everynight god is watching u and that everyone loves him. And hes a big boy, sleep tight.
We will use what we get to get medicial equipment like a trac so he can ride outside with us,walker so he can walk with us. Device so he can communicate with us. Also us it to pay for housing when we are at doctors apts. And traveling expenses.
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