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Friends of Shayla are coming together to raise money for expenses related to a brain injury. With your help there is hope for Shayla

Shayla's Warriors

Shayla Harris is an eighteen year old girl who is now struggling to overcome a severe brain injury. She lived an eventful life surrounded by friends and family, with dreams of traveling the world and becoming a photographer.  Her friends remember her having a smile on her face throughout every day, trying to seize each and every amazing opportunity life gave her.  She lived a life with excitement around every corner, however, like most of us she faced challenges with every turn.


In June of 2013 Shayla attempted suicide. After being rushed to the hospital and spending two months in the ICU her cat scans showed a 90% of oxygen deprivation in her brain. As more weeks past with little improvement, it was said that she was doomed to lie in a bed for the rest for her days with no form of physical nor verbal activity. Though months have passed since her incident, we have come across a treatment that can help her regain some of the functions she has lost.


 That treatment is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Increased air pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber increases oxygen level at the cellular level and is able to cross the blood brain barrier and deliver oxygen into deprived areas of the brain. With this treatment her cerebral blood flow will be increased and oxygen will reach areas of damaged tissue. This will help her brain form new neural pathways, creating a release of growth factors and stem cells, promoting the healing.


With this treatment we can help Shayla return to the person she once was and still is inside. Sadly we cannot do this alone. Friends are raising funds to help purchase a hyperbaric chamber that Shayla needs. Shayla’s family is already overwhelmed with trying to care for her needs - and funds are extremely limited. We need your support in getting Shayla back on her feet. With your help, and generous donations, we as a community can help give one girl something each and every one of us hopes for.  A second chance at life and hope for a brighter tomorrow.   

Shayla's entire family and circle of friends have been devastated by this. It is so heartbreaking knowing that this beautiful girl should have her entire life ahead of her to pursue and reach her dreams and goals, but now she has to fight just to be able to do the kind of things we all take for granted. If she is fortunate, she will have to relearn how to do simple things like speak, feed herself, walk and take care of personal hygiene. We are all praying for a complete recovery, but we need your help! Shayla's best chance at recovery is for her to have her own personal hyperbaric chamber so that she can go in it everyday without leaving her house. 

Will you be one of Shayla's Warriors and fight for her - even as she is fighting to stay in this world? Your gifts, prayers, and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!


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