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Elysia is raising money to help her with life-threatening allergies due to 20 years of untreated Lyme disease. Please show your support :)

Hello, GiveForward. My name is Elysia Drew. I got Lyme disease and co-infections at age 7, went undiagnosed until age 24, and am now 27. I have not had success so far with online fundraising, or with finding a Lyme sponsor.

A year and a half ago I became severely allergic to powerful sources of electromagnetic radiation, to the point where I cannot be anywhere within range of a town where Smart Meters have been installed, and cannot use a cell phone. My Lyme doctor recognizes electromagnetic hypersensitivity (common in Lyme patients) and can only advise avoidance, as none of the supplements have helped in my case (because there was already too much toxicity, inflammation & infection in my bones, brain, muscles etc., all contributing to nervous system damage).

A month ago, unknown to me, a 4G LTE tower was installed in my town. My throat has been closing up periodically all month, and I've developed asthma and a dangerous arrhythmia over the last month. Then, last night, I began experiencing seizures, a high fever, and bone-snapping pain in all my bones and muscles. This has not abated, and feels very similar to when I was exposed to Smart Meters in March, 2011. I tried to go on WiFi today but kept blacking out after about 10 min. I can't get my fever down and can't eat. I found out this morning that there's a 4G tower here that was installed in early August, which would explain why I've gotten so much sicker since the beginning of August, and as of last nite, am now getting disabled by what the radiation is doing to my nervous system and connective tissue.

I have no money, have been homeless for over a year, and don't have any transportation to get out of this town. The electromagnetic hypersensitivity, in my case, is an actual allergy, so my bones feel like they're breaking because my blood is saturated with histamines and inflammatory cytokines, which are doing nerve damage even as I type. I went into anaphylaxis last night and the pressure squeezing my heart, kidneys, throat and inner ears continues to be very intense.

When you have no money for treatment, the only protocol is avoidance of exposure. I am not able to do that right now, and yet don't feel like I can tolerate even 2 more nights of feeling like this. Although they pray for me, my friends and family are not financially able to help me. I have severe mycotoxicosis, neurotoxicosis, and have been mold-injured 3x in the last 3 months, forcing me to move and throw 95% of my stuff away each time. The osteonecrosis (bone death) in my jaw bone has caused a lot of the allergies, because the bacteria stuck in my jaw bone are very toxic. The surgery & post-op dental work for this averages $50,000. For right now, though, I just need a car and camping gear ASAP, as well as money for updating my Lyme and mycotoxicosis tests. If I want to still be able to drive, prepare food, read, go on a computer etc., I must be able to get several miles away from this cell phone tower ASAP. Even if you don't believe or understand electromagnetic hypersensitivity, please understand that Lyme disease makes the immune system go haywire. If I don't treat the Lyme disease and co-infections soon, my allergies to mold and electromagnetic radiation will kill me and are killing me much more quickly than anticipated. If you are unable to donate, please, nevertheless, offer words of comfort and encouragement, as every kind word is very appreciated. Thanks very much.
Love & blessings,
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