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Donations will be used for Patrick's living expenses and necessities while he remains in New Haven being treated for brain cancer.

The following is our son's account of the past 6 months:

"At 3:30 pm my phone made a noise while heading to the Katy Trail with my mom for our Monday run. It's the same gentle noise my phone always makes when I receive an email, only this time that little noise notified me that I had been accepted for study at the Yale Graduate School of Architecture. Everything I had worked for over the prior four years had come to fruition and for the first time in my adult life I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Everything was perfect. I moved to New Haven a month early to take care of my living arrangements and dove into the summer program with buckets of excitement and direction.

I began to have problems that I couldn't understand. Things that were coming easy to everyone else were extremely difficult for me...things like learning computer programs...and writing an essay...and seeing my computer screen. After 18 hours a day in the studio it was decided at the end of the five week prep course that I was not performing to expectation and I was denied my prior acceptance to the University.

I was lost. I was angry. I didn't understand what was going on or what had happened.

On October 23 I waited in the Emergency Room at Yale-New Haven Medical for six hours. I had begun to have double vision and it had persisted for ten days without improvement. I had no health insurance since my expulsion from Yale and was worried about the symptoms I had, and more worried that they were not getting better.

My concern about double vision was short lived. Within 24 hours I was given a CT scan and an MRI and prepped for surgery to remove a malignant tumor the size of a tangerine that had grown very quickly and aggressively in the front left lobe of my brain. The pathology report was a stage three Anaplastic Oligodendrogioma and was much more invasive than the initial imaging showed. The tumor was rooted in the part of my brain that controlled my motor control, speech, and processing. Needless to say, it explained the difficulty I encountered while attending Yale a month prior.

Due to the sensitive location, the tumor was not able to be entirely removed. As it was, the surgeon told my family to be prepared for paralysis and impaired speech because of how aggressively it had to be operated on. This is not a cancer that goes away. Once I heal from surgery I will start chemotherapy and radiation treatment in an effort to manage the remaining cancerous cells. With this treatment I am expected to live another three to five years.

I've exhausted my financial resources moving to New Haven and living here for the last 6 months. While I am undergoing treatment I will not be able to work and will require assisted living. The suggested treatment plan is over a year. "

Our goal is to raise the funds needed by this Christmas, in hopes that Patrick can focus on enjoying what time he has left and not worry about how he is going to eat.
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